The Equalizer Review

denzelIn this movie, Denzel Washington played a retired US Special Operations Forces. However, there is little background information about the character throughout the movie.

The plot of the story was as simple as any Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme movies; one-man action hero to avenge the death of beloved persons or vigilante of the sufferers.

Denzel’s facial expression was as calm as Eli character in The Book of Eli, minus the blade.

Killing sprees were spread across the movies with the aim to make movie goers to jump in excitement at the start of the pimp house massacre.

Chloe Grace Moretz played magnificently as a prostitute. Her voice showed the depressing story of a child prostitute.

There would be much clarity to the movie if her character’s background were explained in length.

Similar to Denzel’s character, the movie focused on his mundane life of reading books. The character aimed to read 100 books. However, the explanation on why he should read the books were unclear.

There was a part that he wanted to conceal his identity from his wife which encouraged him to read books. He had falsified death so that his wife could live a normal life. But, as a movie goer, I still don’t understand how this relates to the plot of the movie.

Although Marton Csokas played the role of an assassin for a Russia pimp leader , his charater too lacked focus and background story.

The restaurant encounter was intense because it was sudden. But, Antoine Fuqua, the film director, should have emphasised more on past histories to provide audiences more clearer pictures about Marton’s assassin character.

Marton’s murderous character resurfaced when he killed one of the prostitute. His character should be more ‘cruel’ if he killed one of the corrupted police officers.

Antoine  has directed movies like Olympus has fallen and Training Day. But his direction in this movie lacks creativity as it mirrors to the boring plots and twists of one-man vigilante in any other action movies.

The movie brandishes how ‘bad-ass’ US retired black-ops is and the world should know about this.

Movie-goers are more educated today. Film director should be reminded that ‘hardy boys’ story plots are no longer relevant to fool today’s societies.



Robocop Too Americanism


Robocop would be best if not for it’s too-americanism depiction on how great is the USA.

Samuel Jackson played as Pat Novak, a free thinker Tv Host in technological channel show or a Oprah show in male version. When  I purchased the cinema ticket to this movie, I have never thought that he would be in it. I was shocked to my system when he appeared in the first scene, humming funny sounds and standing at the center of the dark room. It was apparent a second later that he was playing a role of a tv host. He had a full-grown hair on his head in this movie. Just by that, I knew that this movie would be hilarious. Not until at the end of the movie when he said this line:


Why! I mean why the hell does the writer has to include such confident dialogue in a movie which has the potential to make high gross profit?

patNot only that, there are two points in the movie that really get into my nerve.

1) The Arabs. Why does the America has to include this sensitive race into the movie? I’m guessing the American directors are trying  their best to educate the viewers that America is the best country in the world. The Arabs are not good and the Americans are good. Come on!

2) Suicide bombers. Yup. There are suicide bombers in the movie. And the suicide bombers are Arabs. Why does suicide bombers have to be Arabs. There are suicide bombers in Indonesia, Russia, China and other races in the world. Why the director in this movie wanted to show the world that The Arab’s trademark is suicidal bombers.

3) Young Arabs were killed in this movie. I have never seen children were shot dead in a brutal fashion in any other movies. I know that the robots killed the young Arabs. But, the Robots were fictional products of the USA. It has a strange vibe that the American doesn’t give a fuck whether you’re soldiers or innocent civilians, the American’s “product” will kill any one!

But enough with the Arabs. There are also few good points that I like in this movie. Such that it portrays the saddening feelings felt by handicaps all across the world. Robocop doesn’t give hope to people that you can become super-cop if 95% of your body are burned and no longer functional as a human being. People who have lost limps due to child birth, wars and diseases, have no choices but to accept the facts that they are handicap.

But Robocop answers this sorrow. This movie shows a police officer who was blown to smithereens on a car explosion. He was left with  nothing but his left hand, interior lungs, heart, veins, and a clean shaven face. It was funny to see that his face was still handsome despite of the explosion to his face. Watch the movie back. You can actually see that the explosion was right in front of his face. And he was alright?! That’s a big LOL.

garyCommissioner Gordon from Gotham City had retired from the police work and decided to become a scientist in this movie. So, he rescued this police officer and turned him into a robot. I honestly didn’t know that Gary Oldman was on this movie. Not until he was shouting in a room about some scientific matter regarding brain cell that I started to realize that he was Commissioner Gordon. The only difference is the mustache. If it hadn’t for it, he wouldn’t make it as a scientist.

In summary, although I hate the fact that the writer is trying to educate the young viewers especially those who never played the Robocop Sega Consoles back in the 1995, overall I like the insane battle scenes with the giant Robots, the crazy shit-ass CGI, the loud blazing sound effects, the talented acting, the epic direction, and supportive cinematic viewers around the world.

I know American directors are trying to show the goodness of having robots in our world. But there are also the downsides in every technology. Like the potential animosity of greed like the greedy investors in the movie who was shot dead at the end of the movie. Perhaps, they may be rich investors like him in America that wanted to put crazy ass machines in American soil just to get rid of crimes. But fictional or not, Jose Padilha directed the film with great direction despite lacking the sensible skill to skip sensitive dialogue at the corner dust bin of a movie.

Carrie is too much for Moretz

book cover by SK

I began to read this horror novel written by Stephen King back in 2005. Although the story was around the subject of telekinesis (as it was very popular back in the days), but SK was brilliant enough to emit fear into your very soul just by reading his story telling through words and text, and gave you that shit-in-your-pants kind of sensation. Our brain has this trillion cells that helps us to imagine and create things in our own perspective. So, when you read SK style of writing, which are mostly in descriptive writing, your brain will surely portray the writer’s dark world.

dota 2 playAs I was watching this modern adaption to SK’s horror story into a movie, my right hand was on my gaming mouse and my left hand rested on the abdomen region of my laptop; playing Dota 2. So to speak, I  was watching this movie while playing video games. So, my focus on this movie was not entirely 100%. Yet, my vision was not absolutely drained out by the gaming drugs right under my nose because I was actually trying my best to watch the entire movie.

amitty villeBut I did pause my Dota 2 several times every time I had this emotional feeling as I  watched poor young actress like Moretz to play such a horrific, bloody, terror-like character such as this one. Moretz was born in 1997. It is already 2014. I’m guessing she started filming this movie when she was 15-16 years old. Although she had previously played in a horror film like Amitty Ville, but there is this voice inside my head calling out her name. She just reminded me of my sister! It’s not like my sister is a brilliant actress such as her or rock solid acting in Hollywood movie. But seeing young girl, acting her heart out, doing scary/ bloody thing as an entertainment entity for the viewers around the world, is just sad and cruel.

I know the commentators like you will quick to say that Moretz will be paid and she’s rich and she’s famous and she’s wealthy. But come on guys. She’s still a little girl! She’s only 17 years old.


Master Chief was in The Battleship Movie

Join the navy today and you are guaranteed to sink Alien Battleships

When Rihanna blasts the alien’s face off while saving Taylor Kitsch’s ass, I was “shouting Umbrella” so loud at the center of the cinema, making the person sitting beside me turns her head and stare with an intent to kill. Many things you could learn from this movie, much to the great CGI effects, details on that would need not any criticism. However these are the sort of things I have learnt from the movie.

1)      Marrying Liam Neeson’s daughter is just a few Burittos away. The best way to get a girl’s heart (in this case Liam Neeson’s daughter) , you need to rob a convenient store and steal a Buritto just to prove your ultimate love by jeopardizing your brother’s career. In this movie, a guy has to jump a fence, crawls into the vent, takes the Buritto out the freezer and pays the cash at the counter (although the store is already closed). Therefore the moral of the story is that only persistent unlocks the pathway to marrying Liam Neeson’s daughter.

2)      Girls can play soccer now. Hollywood attempts to promote soccer to USA in the first scene. But I am just skeptical on the rule. Shouldn’t soccer be played in single gender? I can’t help myself but laugh when Rihanna plays in the game against the boys. Only in America?

3)      Aliens have lizard eyes. Apparently according to Peter Berg, in a galaxy far far away, there lies a super strength Predators with lizard eyes. But unlike Predators, the aliens have thick looking fingers, tall, but has none of that Jamaican Hairstyle and also, they can’t handle a direct sun-ray against their fish-like face and sensitive eye-balls. They are completely covered in heavy armors that M16 could not penetrate. Plus, they have this crazy high tech Fish-like battleship which leaps around the water like a whale. This brings to our next point.

4)      Aliens from outer space have Whale Battleships that  set sails in leaping fashion. That’s right, it leaps like a frog on the water. It also looks like dolphins leaping from right to left before besieging the American Battleship. In essence, their battleship formation depicts to that of a chessboard (only different is at sea). It’s a Space Battleship inspired by a whale!

5)      You can test your boxing skill and have a fair fight against any alien provided that; one, you are black. Two, you lost your legs once in a war and now you have artificial legs. Three, with these artificial legs, you could kick any steel armor with ease. Lastly, if you are black you could take off the alien helmet and punches the alien’s face, knocking their teeth out. (It’s really bizarre that aliens have nice set of teeth just like human do).

6)      Teaming up with Japan assures you ultimate victory against any High Tech, insane looking science fictional War Ships by having old ass crew members, a 70 year old battleship, a Japanese captain, Rihanna as one of your Officer and many anchors to unleash the “ART OF WAR” skills to out-maneuver any Alien missiles.

7) Aliens wear the similar helmet design wore by Master Chief (Halo). That’s odd. I think the creator in this movie is an expert in copying out the Halo franchise appearances and indolent in being more creative to come out with their own genuine ideas.

8) Lastly, the movie is mostly an attempt by the US government to recruit as many young able men and women to join the Navy Forces as possible and indirectly show casting young audiences that you can have fun at the sea by joining them.

I haven’t covered much of the valuable content in the movie yet, but if you have any things you want to say about the movie, leave a comment down below. What do you think about the movie?

Where is Jane Foster in The Avengers?

The Avengers. Let’s talk about it shall we?

I have many questions in my head when I watch it in the cinema alongside my sister and brother. I just have no idea why a puny useless one-eye DIRECTOR; Nick Fury gets in charge of this 21st Power Ranger team so called the Avengers? What does he do actually? Giving playing card to Tony Stark to boost the team’s spirit? He is useless because all he does is actually shooting a head shot on level guard enemies as opposed to monster and aliens. But at least he’s not dead by the end of the movie.

Honestly speaking when I watch Nick Fury doing all the talking, all I can hear is Samuel Jackson verbally abusing and cursing the “motha fucking shit” out of someone throughout the movie. His way of staring other actors never waver in every of his movies.

Perhaps the glaring nostril, crazy killer eyes and jagged mouth while talking made him infamous of having this character who could curse any living shit on earth. Perhaps one of Loki’s alien army might get frightened just by listening to Nick’s curses. I’m not saying Samuel Jackson fails to win the audiences by playing Nick Fury, in fact he is there to entertain most of the audiences. He is indeed a funny person. My brother and I can’t stop laughing whenever he emerges in every scene despite his mighty serious expression throughout the movie. It’s just the way he plays his role depicts a black, senior looking gangster in a cool, leather jacket with an eye-patched on his face. It’s just phenomena!

Enough of Nick Fury, let’s talk about Thor. When Thor jumps into the scene by a lighting cloud while Iron man and Captain America holds Loki in this jet, the fight scene gets really intense. Loki is being interrogated by Thor in this rocky mountain and Iron Man tackles Thor to the ground while Loki watches from up above. The cinematography and the impactful sound effects are mixed perfectly well! The angle they shot combined it with great CGI, I honestly can’t breathe at that time. I’m sure everyone is glued to this scene. Then Captain America throws his shield and quickly settles the short quarrel between Iron-man and Thor.

So here’s my question to Thor. Why is he looking for Loki? Whatever happens to Natalie Portman aka Jane Foster? I specifically remember that Jane is this Physician (correct me if I’m wrong on this one) whom Thor falls in love with. Then when Thor gets to Asgard in his own movie, he promises to meet Jane again. Why the meeting between these two love birds are halted and never shown? That’s just a disappointment in my part.

Same as Captain America. My chest itches by the thoughts of Steve Rogers aka Captain America who cannot go back to his WW2 era and blew off the date with that lieutenant girl. I mean it’s just sad to be a superhero that cannot be with someone he really loves. Although in the last scene there’s this civilian who gets a glimpse of Captain America, but I have no idea who is that girl.

Bruce Banner is played by Mark Ruffalo. He plays the character really well. His quirky character, a cool guy who has a monster within him and the part where he shouts at the top of his lung when he was interrogated by black Widow; now that was crazy acting! Ruffalo has that character in him. After all, he looks like a well-behaved doctor who has these two personally. He looks angrily relax from the outside, but his inside lives the crazy Hulk just like he said in the movie, “ my secret all these years is that I am always angry” and punches this gigantic alien caterpillar to sleep by just one strike to the face! Occasionally when he turns into the Hulk, he likes to run havoc to any of his allies and foes; he chases down the Black Widow, he punches Thor to the side, he crazily silents the God aka Loki by smashing him repeatedly to the ground and said, “puny God”, and he saves Iron Man when he falls from the sky. Finally, Hulk shouts at Iron Man to wake up. That is some shouting.

About Hawk-eye……………….That Bource-Legacy guy………….Hate him…..Replacing Matt Damon! How dare him! Despite the cool trailer on YouTube, still Bourne is best played by Matt Damon. Why Matt! Why did you let this guy ruining your Legacy?!!!!

Robert Downey needs no introduction because he has everything. One, he gets to act with his co-actress Gwyneth Paltrow in this movie while the other superhero does not. Two, he is still the scumbag in the movie; rich, handsome, genius, philanthropist, and billionaire. Three, he can fly. Four, his face occupies almost 70% of the whole Avenger movie. Five, Tony gets to end the movie by having to plan in reconstructing the ruined Stark building while kissing with his secretary. Want me to say more?

But, it’s just sad not to see War Machine in the Avengers. Feels like the movie is incomplete. But I like Terrence Howard playing War Machine as he looks friendly in the movie as opposed to that other black actor.

To end this, I would rate the movie 7/10 because Spiderman isn’t in the Avengers. Can you imagine how the movie looks like if Spiderman is actually in it? I would totally root for Spiderman. Next review is The Amazing Spiderman. See yah

Which is better Veloster or 370 Z?

Friday is the most religious day of the week. That is in Brunei of course. The day where male Muslims, extreme pious and pretentious pious alike, have to attend the Friday prayer because it’s the norm in this country to equip that value of respect and obedient within each and everyone’s heart and soul to blossom in order to create a zikir nation.

But Friday is also the day to spend quality times with your family. Mine is car surveying for my upcoming car in few months time. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

I have been thinking to purchase a new car as soon as my first pay check from whatever the institution I am going to work with, is in my hand to enjoy. That will depend on my future prospect. Apart from work, a bachelor like myself has to think about fun time too. Am I right ladies?

Regarding that afternoon’s trip to the car surveying at somewhere near Gadong, (this one area devoted to car dealers) our first trip was to Hyundai Car Shop. Honestly speaking, I find the car Veloster as having the similar characteristic as that Indian car which transports bread in Brunei (got the picture?).

It’s really not appealing, notwithstanding the interior design is modern, with USB cable usability (which car does not have these facilities nowadays really?), lots of stereos, wide seats (accustoming to my current figure), expensive feelings of leather seats, solar repelling windows and glasses, wide space at the back, cool camera whenever I reverse the car and many more. It is very much the introduction of modern car to Bruneians.

But Veloster lacks the beauty of a bachelor’s taste in experiencing the ultimate driving machine. The wheel fails to connect with me when I hold it as the rough surface just repels my enthusiast to own it. The only available color at my time of visit is orange, said the saleslady. Orange! The color of vibrantly boring and girly. That is what I thought the color is. Perhaps my taste is different to someone’s choice of color. But ultimately the car fails to make some connection to my appealing needs.

I want a car that really knows me. A car which understands a man’s want in his early 20s. A car that whispers a promising chill of ultimate driving experience. A car that promises imaginary eye-openers to the public on the street. A car that sucks your money out slowly month by month without you realizing it. A car that is really a bitch.

That car is Nissan 370 Z. After my short visit from Hyundai, I drove to the next building, just parallel to the Hyundai building. The inside is filled with expensive looking cars (and that very very expensive GTR at the very end of the corner which I have no wish to survey) and enthusiastic salesman. One has approached me and followed me around. It was a real treat for me because he has no idea that my financial status at the very moment is well out of shape, yet I proceed with my deceiving act of being a king for one day. When he followed me around like a well behaved hound, I asked him a direct question; how much monthly after a deposit of 10k? He replied with a smile and verbally assaulted my ambition of owning the car by stating the figure 1,400 per month, include road tax. My expression remained steady but my inside was terribly trembling just by the thoughts of having to pay that much money every month just for the soul desire to own this Asian car.

The hell I will!

So I back away by nudging my mother and the rest of the family to the next building, Mazda. RX8 looks sporty and well meet the requirement of every bachelor. But the design is ugly, especially the front design and noticeably the headlights. It looks as though the car has had a fight with a bouncer the other night. The headlights depict the picture of a swollen eye. The headlights make the whole design hideous. To support that argument even further, the Mazda RX8 has no full specs which inevitably mean no auto transmission. So in essence, I can only drive manual in this car.

The hell with that!

So all in all, I think the best thing to do right now is to really visualize my future if I were to own one of these cars. Will I have a steady future ahead of me when I own this car? But which one? How much do I have to pay each month? Does it really worth it to own an enormous expensive car which promises no side income for my future? Am I going to waste my time owning such a car? Why is that? What other matters that I should think about? The petrol, the maintenance, the washing, the caring and the various other things that I will have to adhere…

So here’s the question. Do I really need to spend half of my income to buy 37OZ? What advantages I will then posses if I were to own it? Girls? Women? A wife? Bitches? I don’t think so.

On the other hand, will I get recognition and the amount of respect from my peer’s counterpart if I were to purchase Hyundai Veloster? The price really excites me, but does it worth it to swallow my pride to own such marginal value car?

Seriously, I have no idea.

Write a review of the last movie you saw

A couple of weeks ago, I have the privilege of watching Johnny English: Reborn with my family at the Mall, Gadong. I have been waiting tirelessly for this movie to come out ever since I was sitting for my final year exam in UK. I watched the trailer countless times on YouTube and I never seem to stop giggling when repeating the trailer’s scene where this Monk was training Johnny English the ancient secret of martial arts.

As eager as I was, my family and I arrived at the Mall and caught in an unfortunate traffic. We rushed to the upper level and grabbed the tickets ( since mother had purchased the tickets via SMS) and walked hurriedly through the small crowds into the new cinematic areas at the far right corner of the Mall. Apparently, since we had a quick dinner at the fast food corners prior to that, we were 15 minutes late when we finally sat for the movie. I blamed the stupid Jubilee for their slow service. But on second thought, we were to be blamed in the first place because we chose to fill our stomach at a fast food corner, despite our movie had already started!

So we sat there and letting go our discomfort for missing out the first scenes of the movie; where Mr Bean was trained furiously by the Shaolin Monks.

Johnny (Mr Bean : Rowan Atkinson) was said to come back from his nostalgia memories where he failed to protect the President of Zimbabwe (or was it something else? It was African President). Due to that, he went into solitude for almost 5 or 10 years and thus the training scenes with the Monks. He came back to the spying department confidently and promised the Director (a lady) that he could do right this time. And the funny plot on the Cat, cars and many more, ran along way.

I loved the scene where he was trying to chase after this Chinese runner. The phrase said by one of the wise monk, I believed was something like, ” you are old Johnny, but you have wisdom now. Use it for your own advantage.” And so he caught the guy with his wisdom by not jumping off a 6 feet wall but just creeping slowly through a small gap between the two walls, by not climbing a 10-feet-wired fences but just open the door, by not leaping from one building to another but just wait for a trailer to transport him to another building (!!), by not climbing down the building by the walls but just use the elevator, by kicking down of the wooden plywood to strike the Chinese runner unconscious rather than fighting him in a combat. Overall, it was fantastically brilliant!

Also the constant predictable appearance of this “vacuum old Chinese cleaner” adds extra 100 pounds of humor into the movie. You will understand it once you watch it.

Oh yeah, I almost forget about the black assistant. He is black and funny. Unlike that white guy assistant in the first movie who keeps on repeating the word, ” Sir…Sir”, this black actor is more hilarious. As usual, the assistant exists just to correct the wrongs and mistakes done by Johnny English. But it’s just the way the young black assistant plays in this movie makes it more lively and interestingly adventurous.

My review and rating towards this movie is 9/10. I strongly recommend all ages to watch this splendid masterpiece.