Stairs of advertisements

_MG_2298 edit1.jpg Kuwaiti girl resting on steps of stairs where banks and telecoms advertise their products and services. Picture taken at The Grand Avenues Mall in Kuwait.


Her glow

_MG_0589edit1.jpg A Bruneian girl taking a snapshot of lit candles while Masjid SOAS glowed behind.


Healers and killers

The world’s stereotypical careers. The female nurse (L) was on duty to provide medical aids for the public while the male soldiers carried loaded guns at the Padang SOAS.

Foreigner and young girl

IMG_9624 edit1.jpg Foreigner posed for the photo while a girl in red blouse at the far right playing with her phone at Pasar Ikan Jerudong Brunei.


Candles during the dark hour

_MG_0554.JPG Candles lit during earth hour at Padang SOAS in this 2015 photo.


Suspicious joy

Two kids with different perspectives. The left in school uniform held his toys tightly while the right in red jacket smiled for the cameraman. Copyright Khairuddin Harun Photography 2016. All rights reserved. Buy my photo, contact: