Travel to Kuwait: Grand Avenue

Photos during my short trip to Kuwait City. Most of these photos were on May 17, 2015


Standing in the middle of the street at Grand Avenue in Kuwait City.

I was with the Info Department crew to capture moments at one of the biggest Mall in Kuwait City.

A light moment with Penerangan crew from Brunei to stroll the many wonders of the Kuwait City’s finest Mall; Grand Avenue.


Like in Brunei, family members are seen holding hands around the Mall here.


A father and his daughter sitting on a wooden bench, talking in their native language while a woman walked towards them with hands carrying shopping bags of NEXT brand. Infront of them stood an international brand shop Dior.


A Bruneian walked passed one of the many doors to the wonder of luxurious items in branded shops. Notice that one of the doors in this photo was a gent’s room, equipped with a cleaner clad in black vest, white shirt underneath and black trouser.


Three boys walked infront of a gigantic looking octagon building The Cheesecake Factory with its sandy-coloured marble featuring its grand towering the many shoppers below.


Most Kuwaiti men wear a dishdasha, which is long-sleeved, floor length with a button – down opening to the waist. The long side pockets are sufficient for their paraphernalia: mobile phone, wallet, misbaah (prayer beads), and so forth.


The hovering drone above the many people controlled by a shop seller, the envy of many kids on the ground floor. I was one of the kids.

_MG_2323 _MG_2322


There’s a wishing fountain too. I think no one really believes in fairytale here. Shoppers don’t seem to care.

_MG_2332 _MG_2331

Pronovias – a wedding shop that offers virgin white wedding dresses for women.

_MG_2340 _MG_2339

This blue set of dining chairs and tables comes from a diner for people to relax and chill. Simple but elegant. The narrow hall leading to many doors to perfume shops are enterprise of its own.


After hours of walking and strolling in the Mall, sunset awaited outside. Our shopping bags left on the stairs at the entrance Mall, but no one bothered to steal them. Now this is an Islamic country that Brunei needs to follow.


The evening had not ended yet because we had to fight neck to neck with traffics and crazy drivers driving their vehicles whilst playing with their mobile phones.

Before our journey ended, we had a miscommunication with our driver. He had to wait for half an hour because he could not locate where we were, despite our repetitive and specific order that we were waiting at the entrance door of the Grand Avenue overlooking a furniture building – Midas.

Bruneians looking for our driver in this photo.


Now, to hit the sink and spend the evening to myself.



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