Shadow inside the mirror (horror) Page 2

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They said that if you heard someone screaming from a distance, it means that there is ‘this unseen creature’ standing near you. The voice will sound like a lady seeking for help or a child playing around the playground or an old man at the retirement home missing his children. But that’s just stories. It can’t be a ghost. I don’t believe in ghost. It’s stupid to believe one.


It was just last night that he heard something strange in his bedroom. The strange creak noise on his bed. The noise that stopped when he turned to look.  The strange eerie sound of someone jumping on a bed in the middle of the night. The noise that gave goosebumps. The rusty sound of a spring bed in a haunted house.

“It’s really strange Lik,” said Zak, sipping the glass of cold ice lemon tea. The chilling sensation washed the tension of work down his throat. His friend, Malik Hussin looked at him with worry.

“It’s been a few months after that incident man. You’ve been acting strange. You remember the things we did right?” said Malik.

Zak looked at his work colleague. He wanted to tell him about the crumbs on his chin, but decided otherwise.

“Yeah I remember that incident. Yeah…I do,” he said.

Silent sat between them until a waitress came with Zak’s Lemon Chicken Rice.

It was lunch time. It was like an ordinary time. Sitting on a wheelchair infront of the desk all day, nothing but work. Zak didnt have a social life. He did before. When he was unemployed. He had time going out with his friends, although some of them already have jobs at the time. During that unemployed years, he was positive that he would find jobs later. Now he’s working, he didnt feel the same way like he used too. It seemed too good to be true.

Life in the office was somewhat different to what he initially thought. He occasionally had time to himself. The hours he spent was not fun. He hardly had fun. He did not know how to spend his money. He wanted to go out for vacations, but with no family members left to spend with, it was impossible to live. He wanted to be a true man like having girlfriends or trusted friends, but again it did not make any sense. Let alone to find girls to accompany him, it was nothing but a dream. He wanted to pursue life other than work. And again, he always thought that no one wanted to be with him who was just a computer engineering spending two-third of his life in either his room or in the office.

He was almost finish with his programming called the Implementation of the Portal Management Procedure when his boss, Mr Tan interrupted his thoughts.

“You are fired,” said Mr Tan.

Zak looked up to his boss who stood in front of him, with a USB drive in his right hand. Mr Tan dropped the UBS drive on his desk and spoke at him with harsh words. However, the words did not enter Zak’s mind. His focus was on the USB drive.

“I already checked inside the USB. I have no idea what you are someone who would do such as thing. I thought your dad was a trusted man,” said Mr Tan.

Zak sat upright to his seat, nothing to say in his mind. He wanted to say something. But it was no point. The secret of him being a fraud was already known. There’s no turning back.

“Pack your things. I don’t want to see you anymore,” said Mr Tan.

The news of him being fired spread. Ibrahim heard about it. He saw him sitting by himself in the cubicle behind a large see-through window. The sadness of his friend could be felt by the orange skies behind him. The silhouette of his friend made a hole in the building of his dismissal.

“I heard Mr Tan knew about it,” said Ibrahim.

Zak’s eyes were on his laptop, but his minds were somewhere else.

“I think the things we did in the past would haunt us in the future. What’s next?”

Zak leaned back and took a deep breath. He sighed it loudly and buried his face in his palms.

Come to me where I awaits. Just come. I am waiting for you Zak. Come the night where the moonlights shine and the water flows beneath. Come, I will be your company. I want to see you. I miss you. I want to be with you.

End Page 2.

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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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