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I know it. I can feel it. Even when my eyes focus on the screen, I can feel that someone is standing behind me. But when I turn my head, I see my own reflection in the cabinet mirror. The me inside the mirror stares back at me. I know the one inside the mirror is me. Somehow, I also feel strange about it. I don’t look right in the mirror. It looks a bit too ‘happy’.


Zak Hamed works for the Microsoft Brunei Sdn Bh. It’s been a year now. Yesterday was his one year anniversary. He celebrated the joyous moment with his work colleague at the nearest restaurant eating fried food and sugary drinks.

But just like any other day, the day has to turn the page from evening to morning.

He is not a morning person. He dislikes waking up early before 6am. The history behind it was dated back to when he was unemployed for three years after graduating from the Universiti Brunei Darussalam in 2033. His Technology and Computing Degree certificate that he obtained costed him 5 years in student loan with the Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam  (BIBD).

His mother, when she was alive, used to remind him to take care of his two younger brothers.

However, the death in the family caused him dearly.

When we are no longer here, make sure you and your siblings take care of each other.

The clock turns 4pm. He looks at how the time goes by. Head Manager Chris Tan told him to upgrade the security network coding requested by the Ministry of Communication. The programming stage has to be completed by next week. The project was handed to him three months ago. Although he has completed the third and fourth stage of processing the Cyber and Web Security Network, he procrastinated the last stage of Implementing Portal Management Procedure. He works closely with his work colleague Ibrahim Akim.

They complained on the work hours and the pay. They said that their salary did not cover the working hours they had to sacrifice. But they could not do anything. They have to work and work endlessly, doomed in the world of employment.

Frustrated over deadlines, he has to work long hours in his bedroom at the Flat Permaisuri located 30 kilometers away from the capital, overlooking the Sg Kebun Bridge in the capital.

His family business comprised five oversea hotels, 10 local eateries and 12 apartments across the Sultanate made him and his three siblings a fortune. However, his uncle took all the wealth in a single case proceeding which caught international uproar when he was 15-year-old. Now he is 35-year-old, the memory still resides in him.

This was apparent when his three brothers died in a tragic train wreck happened three years ago.

Family Death of Mukim Mentiri left eldest on top of a hill – The Headline in the front page of The Brunei Times dated March 5 2013. The news brought to a standstill when police investigation running low.

It is a mystery to the general public. But it was a tragedy to Zak. His past made him to become a computer engineering because that’s what his brother wants. To be able to create a video games. Playstation 4 had just came out in 2013. But his 10-year-old brother left him along with the rest of the family.

20 years passed in a glimpse of an eye.

Now he is sitting at his desk working on this programming.

The moonlight shines through the curtain. The dark night whispers wind against the window. The sound of the soothing water by the river can be heard from the land. Wild dogs howling from somewhere down the lane. The music of nature has always been the reason for him to be able to focus on work.

Until he heard a squeaking noise behind him.

He turned. He swore that the the squeaking noise came from the bed.

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