See you in the office Bro

Good bye friend

Yassin recitation at Kg Salambigar for late SY

“Bah bro…karang jumpa di office ah..ada ku process the photo tu.”


THE heavy rain of December 23 put a damper along the road of Jalan Kumbang Pasang. Passing vehicles survived through the night with flashes of headlights and varieties of music. The rain washed the street with darkness and danger. The music in the car sounded deaf.

Tired from work, a photographer gripped his hands on the steering wheel and focused on the road to reach the office. He had just taken photos for his assignment.

Shifting gears through the dark narrow streets from the JPM roundabout, a phone call broke the silent night. He knew his caring girlfriend wanted to say hello.

He knew this already because they kept contacting every night.

His phone vibrated somewhere in the dark car. He searched for it whilst cruising through the night. With the help of the flickering lights from the passing streetlights, he finally found the handphone sitting on the passenger’s seat.

He answered.

“I just came back from stadium. There was a football match. I miss you too. I will come back…….”

The voice cut short. The person on the other line did not hear any other sound other than his breathing. The breathing was heavy and yet so slow. It sounded like the person was gasping for air. The girl hit the red button and dialed the number again for three times. There was no answer.

The rainy night washed her thoughts with fear. She started to think there was something wrong with her boyfriend.

She exited the house and drove to the Jalan Kumbang Pasang. She knew this because it was the only possible route from stadium to the office.

She parked her car on the side road and saw a team of paramedic carried her boyfriend into the backdoor of the ambulance car. She tailed them to the RIPAS Hospital.

That’s when she phoned me to tell that her boyfriend (my colleague) had sustained an injury due to a car accident which involved three cars collision.

I went there with a couple of other colleagues. At first, there were two of us who met the girlfriend. Her face was filled with concern and guilt. Then another two of my colleagues came by.

At approximately 2.30am, he passed away, filling the busy hallway of the emergency department with the wailing of his girlfriend and tears of friends who never have the chance to say the last good bye.

It was ironic that I was the last person from my company that he talked to.

He had two assignments. First, he had an assignment at Jame ‘asr Mosque for the dzikir event hosted by MIPR. Then, his second assignment was at stadium to cover a football match.

Before he went to the stadium at the mosque, he said that he would meet me back in the office.

“Bah bro…karang jumpa di office ah..ada ku process the photo tu.”

If only I told him not to cover the football match, he would still be around.



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