The Mortality of Love

A heart-shape leaf for an angry girl

AN innocent touch may resonate into many sounds of sighs and longing, with a little hint of love aside.

Many times over, this small touch that begins innocently may turn into wild flowers that climb the tall gates of relationship.

Through interaction with the common birds of our everyday internet, messages flown from one place to another like a flash of light, only to be unappreciated by a man of two personalities.

A girl can send as many letters to a man, but sometimes the letters are buried under the ruble of works.

Apology may not take you into my arm again, but I hope this can fix the broken pieces scattered on the floors of our new home.

To be fair, we only built the home recently.

The building of any new structure with strong pillars of trust, steady base of understanding and solid walls of caring, require a long period of construction.

All we need is a little bit of bonding and talking.

Anger over trivial things will shake our newly-refurbished home. In fact, it can destroy the very foundation of trust and loyalty. These pillars support the many stories and memories on the first floor. Don’t make it collapse over past mistakes.

I hope you understand that when you read this message, you will not see me as this man that plays you around. I may enjoy your company and the sexy entertainment you’ve given me. But that doesn’t mean I do not care about your life. I’m sorry that you have to read the last few blogs; Ammy.



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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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