Please try again (Horror)

Please try again



I woke up to an empty office.

I looked around and saw empty desks.

How long was my nap?

The digital clock on my desk showed past midnight.

I pushed my wheelchair back and it made a squeaky sound.

The squeaky sound echoed across the dimly lit office. Only the ceiling light directly on top of me was switched on.

My feet felt soggy when I stood. As I reached for my shoe, I found out that I was wearing none.

To my disbelief, I was standing on a pile of vomit.

I stumbled back into the wheelchair and disgusted.

Like a maniac, I scolded and ran into the nearest toilet a few feet away from my desk.

Inside the toilet, I found a water hose laid on the floor beside the toilet bowl and turned the tap on.

There was no water.

I tried the sink.

There was no water too.

Suddenly, I heard a knock from inside the toilet.

It was weird because the sound was near to where I stood.

I turned to look at the entrance door and saw no one.

The knocking came again.

This time I looked in the mirror.

An old man appeared, with his lower lip sagging loosely on his grinning face. The grinning was horrid and creepy. He moved his arm and knocked the mirror again with a stump of a missing hand.

I ran back into the empty office and out across the hallway.

I could not scream. What’s the point? There was no one.

I stumbled and fell on the entrance door to the company. All of a sudden, I felt this stinging pain on my right feet.

When I looked down, a toe was gone.

It was insane.

I was drowned in fear and quickly reached for my name tag inside my pocket to access out.

But, I left the name tag on my desk.

I stood up and pressed my finger on the fingerprint access control instead.

“Please try again,” the machine responded.

I tried again.

“Please try again.” This time the voice was playful and squeaky. It was the sound of a boy chuckling.

Tired and consumed with fear, I pressed my forefinger against the machine once more and screamed.

“Please try again.”

It was unsuccessful.

Then, a knock was heard on the glass door.

I stepped back and saw the old man, standing behind the glass of the main door to the office; grinning and somehow laughing at me.

I cried for help.

A hand slapped on my back and I opened my eyes.

My colleague asked why I was screaming.

I was glad it was a dream.

I pushed my wheelchair back.

Suddenly, I felt someone grabbed around the ankles of my feet.

I let out a yelp when the old man slowly creeping out below the desk and dragged me down into the dark space beneath the desk. – AMK

The End


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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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