Fun Within Hatred

Done today. Not yet tomorrow
Done today. Not yet tomorrow

JOURNALISM gives you nightmares.

The scariest nightmare is when listening to feedback from editors that your article sucks.

The pain is just excruciating especially when you spent a lot of efforts to the rejected article.

The hours of research and interviews would share the same faith with any other untold stories.

Not only will this discourage journalists to become more productive, it also can make the journalist lazy.

Your days will unfold to new chapters of cloudy future. Your Financial gains will not get thicker. Months passed by but your age isn’t getting younger. And the years of work have gone by, but the fun of your work trails behind and disappears like footprints on sandy beaches.

Although journalism has its own benefit in terms of creativity, journalist has to endure the pain and sorrow like the life of a mice trapped in a cage of deadlines.

Journalist has to forgo the meaning of a normal life because the working hours are unlike any other jobs.

Depending on what events you have to cover, your average working hours can extend to more than 12 hours per day. This mainly applies to those who have just joined the industry.

Some of the routine that you must do is making your editors happy.

Your job will be limited to write structural writing that puts priority to your editors’ satisfaction.

Forget about making your readers happy. It is the editors that you have to excite. It is the editors that will define your work. It is them who will determine your life.

Although journalism has its own fun, but mostly the fun is just a misdemeanor masked in fake smiles of insanity.

You will spend a lot of times writing and rewriting until your article makes sense to you and your editors.

The editor is like a lawnmower. Your job as a journalist is to ensure that your backyard grows grasses.

Your working hours will depend on the types of editors who will vet your work.

The faith of your article is determined during the editorial meeting.

The level of sensitivity of your summaries will determine whether it gets to front page.

Your intelligence will reflect to your style of writing.

I hate my job. I think that’s part of the reason why it’s fun at the same time.

In the end, you can’t be mad at the things you hate.



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