The Equalizer Review

denzelIn this movie, Denzel Washington played a retired US Special Operations Forces. However, there is little background information about the character throughout the movie.

The plot of the story was as simple as any Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme movies; one-man action hero to avenge the death of beloved persons or vigilante of the sufferers.

Denzel’s facial expression was as calm as Eli character in The Book of Eli, minus the blade.

Killing sprees were spread across the movies with the aim to make movie goers to jump in excitement at the start of the pimp house massacre.

Chloe Grace Moretz played magnificently as a prostitute. Her voice showed the depressing story of a child prostitute.

There would be much clarity to the movie if her character’s background were explained in length.

Similar to Denzel’s character, the movie focused on his mundane life of reading books. The character aimed to read 100 books. However, the explanation on why he should read the books were unclear.

There was a part that he wanted to conceal his identity from his wife which encouraged him to read books. He had falsified death so that his wife could live a normal life. But, as a movie goer, I still don’t understand how this relates to the plot of the movie.

Although Marton Csokas played the role of an assassin for a Russia pimp leader , his charater too lacked focus and background story.

The restaurant encounter was intense because it was sudden. But, Antoine Fuqua, the film director, should have emphasised more on past histories to provide audiences more clearer pictures about Marton’s assassin character.

Marton’s murderous character resurfaced when he killed one of the prostitute. His character should be more ‘cruel’ if he killed one of the corrupted police officers.

Antoine  has directed movies like Olympus has fallen and Training Day. But his direction in this movie lacks creativity as it mirrors to the boring plots and twists of one-man vigilante in any other action movies.

The movie brandishes how ‘bad-ass’ US retired black-ops is and the world should know about this.

Movie-goers are more educated today. Film director should be reminded that ‘hardy boys’ story plots are no longer relevant to fool today’s societies.



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