The Beautiful Running Shoe


The Beautiful Running Shoe

She arrived from Taiwan, located far away from his reach. Her job was to entertain. For many months, she had been a model to this sport shoe company. However, she felt more like being a sample to the entertainment world; a by-product to enrich the already rich, a penny to the wealthy investor, a doormat to a hotel lobby.  Her skin was admired, touched and held by many strangers. She felt alone.

One day, her faith to the world was known. A couple in their 50s arrived to her company. She was appreciated and accepted. She was later capsuled inside an expensive looking box that had freshness scent inside. Few moments later, she was introduced to a man. Covered in a brownish box, wedded by layers of translucent thin papers, her arrival put a smile to his face.

It’s been a long time since he had touched the skin of a woman. The tip of her nose showed passion for the sport. The color of her skin showcased the race of her people. Indeed, she descended from the best industry; Adidas. Her face was colored with perfect grayest moon. Her shoulders were plastered with unique design, meant for every man. Her body had these black strips, skirted by black rubber blades, showing her sexy angles.

As he inserted his foot inside her, he felt the tightness as he went along. Gently, he cherished every moment of the insertion. The smoothness around her made his feet feeling appreciated. When full insertion was in place, he was all set. He did the same thing with his other foot. He stood by the morning sun, that yet to arrive in few steps later.


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