Robocop Too Americanism


Robocop would be best if not for it’s too-americanism depiction on how great is the USA.

Samuel Jackson played as Pat Novak, a free thinker Tv Host in technological channel show or a Oprah show in male version. When  I purchased the cinema ticket to this movie, I have never thought that he would be in it. I was shocked to my system when he appeared in the first scene, humming funny sounds and standing at the center of the dark room. It was apparent a second later that he was playing a role of a tv host. He had a full-grown hair on his head in this movie. Just by that, I knew that this movie would be hilarious. Not until at the end of the movie when he said this line:


Why! I mean why the hell does the writer has to include such confident dialogue in a movie which has the potential to make high gross profit?

patNot only that, there are two points in the movie that really get into my nerve.

1) The Arabs. Why does the America has to include this sensitive race into the movie? I’m guessing the American directors are trying  their best to educate the viewers that America is the best country in the world. The Arabs are not good and the Americans are good. Come on!

2) Suicide bombers. Yup. There are suicide bombers in the movie. And the suicide bombers are Arabs. Why does suicide bombers have to be Arabs. There are suicide bombers in Indonesia, Russia, China and other races in the world. Why the director in this movie wanted to show the world that The Arab’s trademark is suicidal bombers.

3) Young Arabs were killed in this movie. I have never seen children were shot dead in a brutal fashion in any other movies. I know that the robots killed the young Arabs. But, the Robots were fictional products of the USA. It has a strange vibe that the American doesn’t give a fuck whether you’re soldiers or innocent civilians, the American’s “product” will kill any one!

But enough with the Arabs. There are also few good points that I like in this movie. Such that it portrays the saddening feelings felt by handicaps all across the world. Robocop doesn’t give hope to people that you can become super-cop if 95% of your body are burned and no longer functional as a human being. People who have lost limps due to child birth, wars and diseases, have no choices but to accept the facts that they are handicap.

But Robocop answers this sorrow. This movie shows a police officer who was blown to smithereens on a car explosion. He was left with  nothing but his left hand, interior lungs, heart, veins, and a clean shaven face. It was funny to see that his face was still handsome despite of the explosion to his face. Watch the movie back. You can actually see that the explosion was right in front of his face. And he was alright?! That’s a big LOL.

garyCommissioner Gordon from Gotham City had retired from the police work and decided to become a scientist in this movie. So, he rescued this police officer and turned him into a robot. I honestly didn’t know that Gary Oldman was on this movie. Not until he was shouting in a room about some scientific matter regarding brain cell that I started to realize that he was Commissioner Gordon. The only difference is the mustache. If it hadn’t for it, he wouldn’t make it as a scientist.

In summary, although I hate the fact that the writer is trying to educate the young viewers especially those who never played the Robocop Sega Consoles back in the 1995, overall I like the insane battle scenes with the giant Robots, the crazy shit-ass CGI, the loud blazing sound effects, the talented acting, the epic direction, and supportive cinematic viewers around the world.

I know American directors are trying to show the goodness of having robots in our world. But there are also the downsides in every technology. Like the potential animosity of greed like the greedy investors in the movie who was shot dead at the end of the movie. Perhaps, they may be rich investors like him in America that wanted to put crazy ass machines in American soil just to get rid of crimes. But fictional or not, Jose Padilha directed the film with great direction despite lacking the sensible skill to skip sensitive dialogue at the corner dust bin of a movie.


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