Carrie is too much for Moretz

book cover by SK

I began to read this horror novel written by Stephen King back in 2005. Although the story was around the subject of telekinesis (as it was very popular back in the days), but SK was brilliant enough to emit fear into your very soul just by reading his story telling through words and text, and gave you that shit-in-your-pants kind of sensation. Our brain has this trillion cells that helps us to imagine and create things in our own perspective. So, when you read SK style of writing, which are mostly in descriptive writing, your brain will surely portray the writer’s dark world.

dota 2 playAs I was watching this modern adaption to SK’s horror story into a movie, my right hand was on my gaming mouse and my left hand rested on the abdomen region of my laptop; playing Dota 2. So to speak, I  was watching this movie while playing video games. So, my focus on this movie was not entirely 100%. Yet, my vision was not absolutely drained out by the gaming drugs right under my nose because I was actually trying my best to watch the entire movie.

amitty villeBut I did pause my Dota 2 several times every time I had this emotional feeling as I  watched poor young actress like Moretz to play such a horrific, bloody, terror-like character such as this one. Moretz was born in 1997. It is already 2014. I’m guessing she started filming this movie when she was 15-16 years old. Although she had previously played in a horror film like Amitty Ville, but there is this voice inside my head calling out her name. She just reminded me of my sister! It’s not like my sister is a brilliant actress such as her or rock solid acting in Hollywood movie. But seeing young girl, acting her heart out, doing scary/ bloody thing as an entertainment entity for the viewers around the world, is just sad and cruel.

I know the commentators like you will quick to say that Moretz will be paid and she’s rich and she’s famous and she’s wealthy. But come on guys. She’s still a little girl! She’s only 17 years old.



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