Master Chief was in The Battleship Movie

Join the navy today and you are guaranteed to sink Alien Battleships

When Rihanna blasts the alien’s face off while saving Taylor Kitsch’s ass, I was “shouting Umbrella” so loud at the center of the cinema, making the person sitting beside me turns her head and stare with an intent to kill. Many things you could learn from this movie, much to the great CGI effects, details on that would need not any criticism. However these are the sort of things I have learnt from the movie.

1)      Marrying Liam Neeson’s daughter is just a few Burittos away. The best way to get a girl’s heart (in this case Liam Neeson’s daughter) , you need to rob a convenient store and steal a Buritto just to prove your ultimate love by jeopardizing your brother’s career. In this movie, a guy has to jump a fence, crawls into the vent, takes the Buritto out the freezer and pays the cash at the counter (although the store is already closed). Therefore the moral of the story is that only persistent unlocks the pathway to marrying Liam Neeson’s daughter.

2)      Girls can play soccer now. Hollywood attempts to promote soccer to USA in the first scene. But I am just skeptical on the rule. Shouldn’t soccer be played in single gender? I can’t help myself but laugh when Rihanna plays in the game against the boys. Only in America?

3)      Aliens have lizard eyes. Apparently according to Peter Berg, in a galaxy far far away, there lies a super strength Predators with lizard eyes. But unlike Predators, the aliens have thick looking fingers, tall, but has none of that Jamaican Hairstyle and also, they can’t handle a direct sun-ray against their fish-like face and sensitive eye-balls. They are completely covered in heavy armors that M16 could not penetrate. Plus, they have this crazy high tech Fish-like battleship which leaps around the water like a whale. This brings to our next point.

4)      Aliens from outer space have Whale Battleships that  set sails in leaping fashion. That’s right, it leaps like a frog on the water. It also looks like dolphins leaping from right to left before besieging the American Battleship. In essence, their battleship formation depicts to that of a chessboard (only different is at sea). It’s a Space Battleship inspired by a whale!

5)      You can test your boxing skill and have a fair fight against any alien provided that; one, you are black. Two, you lost your legs once in a war and now you have artificial legs. Three, with these artificial legs, you could kick any steel armor with ease. Lastly, if you are black you could take off the alien helmet and punches the alien’s face, knocking their teeth out. (It’s really bizarre that aliens have nice set of teeth just like human do).

6)      Teaming up with Japan assures you ultimate victory against any High Tech, insane looking science fictional War Ships by having old ass crew members, a 70 year old battleship, a Japanese captain, Rihanna as one of your Officer and many anchors to unleash the “ART OF WAR” skills to out-maneuver any Alien missiles.

7) Aliens wear the similar helmet design wore by Master Chief (Halo). That’s odd. I think the creator in this movie is an expert in copying out the Halo franchise appearances and indolent in being more creative to come out with their own genuine ideas.

8) Lastly, the movie is mostly an attempt by the US government to recruit as many young able men and women to join the Navy Forces as possible and indirectly show casting young audiences that you can have fun at the sea by joining them.

I haven’t covered much of the valuable content in the movie yet, but if you have any things you want to say about the movie, leave a comment down below. What do you think about the movie?


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2 thoughts on “Master Chief was in The Battleship Movie”

  1. There is a scene where the Mast Chief clones are moving crates to the satellite array control center. I stepped into the room at that point and thought my brother was watching a Halo cut scene. ‘Nuff said.

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