That one girl

Written by Khairuddin Harun


A man’s friend, woman’s diamond,
these words common in everybody’s brain,
think about this: kiss, miss, rich, cheese,
everybody give me something how to ease this.

Take a pen, use your hand, to remain,
something you call LOVE, put you insane,
What you know about this guy; “Muiz”,
this damn man, makes me pissed.

See October, remember? Supper, I visit her,
after long train hour,
just to find out this guy’s beside her,
introduce me later, suffer, hate her.

I was a fool back then, WTF man?
This what yo call: “sad in the pain rain”,
crying back home,
travel alone,
going back to where I belong.

It’s sad memory,
I wish I don’t see,
such insanity.

You crush my heart,
when you told me,
you love em’ than me.

I’ve got a couple lil Q 4 you dear,
something that Im not really entirely clear,
when you said you don’t need me right here,
why talking to me made you happier?

You confused me, you used me, and re-used me,
over many years, I’m just nothing but a music,
you listen to me for couple of months,
then left me aside for new song to run.

I’ve been shedding many tears over years,
asking the ceiling and the bathroom mirrors,
why must be you that I love?
why must be you that hurts me the most?

If I could just switch you to another girl,
I would just left you behind last year,
but it’s just something about you that kept me coming,
I never forget THAT ONE GIRL Imma falling.

She’s gone, she’s dead, disappear,
she’s just an ash in the sky view rear,
I look up for her everyday,
wishing she’ll wake me up any day.


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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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