Read and write

Written by Khairuddin Harun

Come fly away,
read and write everyday.
Hye you over there,
listen to my wordplay.

They say, education makes you perfect,
an intellect,a man’s artistic, a favorite.

There’s no deny that,
such a thing makes the world harmonic,
win public’s affectionate.

Knowledge brings creativity,
balance gravity,
increase productivity.

See a nation’s GDP,
with education, achieve social harmony.

Take a look at that book,
flick some pages,
what you see, what you need,
wanna be a reader?

Every single words damn heavy,
made you dizzy?
aint it crazy?
no time, R U busy?

Think about yo life without a proper knowledge,
wanna get bullied around till yo old ages?
wanna be slave’s to someone’s business?
Or wanna be the person; people’s choices?


Spend around 2 hours everyday,
sharpen yo writing skills on a Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, schedule reading time,
draw a rest line between your Thursday working time.

Friday it’s the day to relax a bit,
Saturday comes the day to write a bit,
you need to gradually make it a habit,
continue this on the following week.

You wanna be a clever man, do you?
you wanna have a thousand friends do you?
you want someone to respect you,
admire you,
look up to you,
remember you,
liking you?

You wanna be the best rapper in town?
you wanna be a great doctor around?
you can be anyone you wanna be,
like Nas said,
yo dreams, a reality.


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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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