How to cheat on your girl



This is solely the viewpoint of the hilarious JerryLaVigne, not mine.

The title is rather blatantly straightforward. The issue focuses on surety methods pursued for men to have another relationship whilst his current lover does not know any of the latter.

Before proceeding to the question, it is best to understand the primary factor contributing to the avoidance of men not to inform their lovers about the new comer. It is the fear to listen to non-stop complaints out of a woman’s mouth. To men, it is an abuse to our eardrum. When we listen to complaints, it is similar to the idea of a mass murder in our ears where upon listening, blood would drip and ooze down to our neck.

Referring back to the question, the success rate of cheating scale increases when you have a hobby. One has to adopt a certain lifestyle which reflects a regular habit, thus avoids the inclination of suspicious inquiry by the woman. For instance, one can refer to a hobby of building an airplane model. In doing so, the woman would regard the said hobby is the only quality time one has to be by himself. To date, by having this evidence, one has no difficult in meeting one’s new partner without the former knowing the real intention of the implication.

Another factor which contributes to the success of deceiving your woman is a good memory. One has to remember what has or has not been said to both women. A great deceiver keeps quiet all the time and agrees to everything the women have to say. In effect, one has no problem to divulge hidden agendas which might not have conversed to any of the women. It is known fact that women are best in argument, therefore to avoid some future casualties, men best to avoid any direct confrontation to women.

Another vital point is scratches on the body after intercourse with the cheated woman. One has to avoid any sexual methods which involve deliberate inflicting injury to one’s skin, especially at the back. For instance love bites. Disaster is soon to erupt if this were to occur.

The Vlogger explains in depth on  the fundamental elements to consider in choosing the woman whom one wishes to excite. One has to explain to the other girl not to mention about the current invisible relationship to one’s real girlfriend. One needs to question whether the new comer has any knowledge of the where about of one’s current address and workplace. To support this viewpoint, it is also important to regard the color of the girl’s hair. It is asserted that the cheated girl has to have the similar hair color with the current girlfriend in order to avoid any confusion. It is a norm for any women to leave stains or marks to mark their territory. Therefore, a true man has to attempt to avoid such flaws to occur because women often leave their valuables behind after pleasing themselves to the man whom successfully satisfies their needs. Man has to be vigilant in this part by cleaning and taking the valuables away to avoid future questions posted by the current girlfriend upon visiting the sanctuary. Like the Vlogger stated in his video, “cleaning is the secret to cheating.”

The final scene to answering the hypothesis is having the superb ability to response quickly. When one is confronted by his woman regarding what she saw at the time one were with another woman, one has to quickly divert her attention to other matter such as putting a blame on her. Turn the table and ask questions regarding her time with another man the other day. You need to be expert in doing so because this will inevitably bring you to ultimate victory upon being an excellent deceiver.

End scene!

(God, this Jerry is hilarious)


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