Crying with the stars

Written by Khairuddin Harun


Looks like a lonely night I spend with you stars/

I hope you can hear my voice down here/

You be the judge of my sorrow/

I’ll be on my knees down below’

Because I wanna tell you this/

about this girl I’m gonna miss


I’m crying with the stars

tears drip down the ground

could you let the sea know this comes from me?


She hurts my heart again

the pain feels the same

I don’t think I can

dive in there again


I wish I don’t cry

but I did cry

with the stars

up in the sky


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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

One thought on “Crying with the stars”

  1. coming from a guy who USED to play in RF… that’s beautifully touching.. you’ve always been good at portraying the ordinary into something profound. looking forward to your next entry… Mr running man…

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