Tuition School Only Wants Money

Today’s highlight is the salary from my temporary institution; D F. This month I receive 161 Brunei dollars only. The amount is rather pathetic when compared to the generous allowance given by my previous employer. It is true then that once you receive gold, you won’t go for bronze anymore. It may sound something similar to that. But honestly speaking, I am happy to receive it. Just to show that I’m still human with unlimited wants towards the limited resources available. In my case, I don’t need any economist theory to help me to understand the fundamental basis of scarcity because that institution; D F has an abundance of money (not that I know of). So the principal should have given me more!, but who I am to question her credibility and her way of conduct since I am just her temporary English tutor. Nevertheless, this is my argument. (I won’t divulge the specific detail on how tuition institution gets their share of profit)

Three of the obtuse brothers, the one taking O level exams this year are absent tonight. It’s a huge disappointment in my part because my salary would be deducted next month. Thank you very much for the courtesy, Mrs Principal of Money Mongers. Genuinely without any doubt, the Principal at D F sets up the Tuition School merely to suck money out from Bruneian parents’ salaries. The Principal knows that if her students were to fail their exams, the parents would not have the courage to confront her because it’s almost not entirely the failure of the teachers for their children’s academic illness. However I am on the side of the parents, mainly because my parents have sent me to such institution when I was little. I knew nothing about life and the importance of knowledge and I attended the tuition school merely to get girls, most of the time.

Now when I do teach children taking PSR, O LEVELS and A LEVELS, I soon realize the plan of this evil institution so called Tuition School. I say it evil solely because their main purpose is neither to promote the virtue of the good will of the Bruneians especially those Malay races who fails to master English language nor to promote the spirit of solidarity between teachers and students, but actually to use the rich background Bruneian children as their bait to easy money.  I know this because I am undergoing undercover to such institution at the moment. I am still learning how the principal sucks the money out and how immoral it is to demerit the young’s future just for the thirst of financial afternoon English Tea of short term luxury.

I have been teaching English for almost 2 months now and History for almost 2 weeks.

During my first month of teaching at the institution, I was really interested to work for a private sector, and in this case; a Tuition School. Much to my enthusiastic nature came from the fact that I got the chance to talk in front of the classroom. I was friendly to most of the students, especially those who looked gullible and innocent. I could easily make them, literally bow down to me. I did it because my way of teaching mirrors to those lawyers doing cross-examination.

When those students failed to answer any of my questions, they would straightaway think that my knowledge exceeded theirs. Then I combined and stirred their fears towards me into this bowl of criticism against their school’s teachers. I would ask whether their teachers have ever interacted with them just like I did in the class. 90% of the time, they would answer no. Only then they would start to recognize me as this super cool tutor and claimed that I am far better than their teachers at school. Such is my unethical technique to gain trust and confidence from my students. After all, I am not a qualified teacher since I never gone through 3 years of teachers’ training just to obtain Teaching Certificate Qualification. I would say “come on”, anyone can become a teacher so long you have experienced in talking, know your subject very well and you have a sincere heart to teach children. Mind you, some teachers nowadays especially after they have graduated, they have no idea how to stimulate the students thinking ability. Teachers mundanely wrote something on the whiteboard and insisted the students to jot it down without having to engage the students(much to save budget on photocopying). Like myself, the reason why I wanted to teach English is because I was really weak in English language when I was in High school. My English teachers usually ignored my request to mark my compositions and just repeatedly told me to talk English with my friends. How was that going to help?! Now you tell me! Only after I successfully obtained my Law Degree, then I have this unwavering confidence to teach English to those in needs. Therefore, much to my waffling discussion in my first month working at the institution, the enthusiasm to teach stopped immediately when the Principal of the Tuition School approached me one evening and wanted a word.

She said that I should stop teaching the students after 9pm because their parents would think negatively if I often do that. I thought to myself, what sort of things would I do to my students? Gangbang!? That’s stupid. Plus she said that if I were to come late again next time (I was late 10 minutes in my second week because of transportation problem), she advised me to play along and pretended to stay in the class for another 15 minutes just to buy some time so that the parents would not make future complain against me. That’s kind of her! Doesn’t this contradict with her earlier rule of law?! I mean, wasn’t that a bitch? That was some crazy advice I would say.

But truth to be told, I am still wandering why do I have this gigantic nerve to write this in my wordpress merely for the world to read. I have no idea. Sometimes when you are angry at something, you don’t care about any future allegation of defamation which will entail in the very future.


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