Where is Jane Foster in The Avengers?

The Avengers. Let’s talk about it shall we?

I have many questions in my head when I watch it in the cinema alongside my sister and brother. I just have no idea why a puny useless one-eye DIRECTOR; Nick Fury gets in charge of this 21st Power Ranger team so called the Avengers? What does he do actually? Giving playing card to Tony Stark to boost the team’s spirit? He is useless because all he does is actually shooting a head shot on level guard enemies as opposed to monster and aliens. But at least he’s not dead by the end of the movie.

Honestly speaking when I watch Nick Fury doing all the talking, all I can hear is Samuel Jackson verbally abusing and cursing the “motha fucking shit” out of someone throughout the movie. His way of staring other actors never waver in every of his movies.

Perhaps the glaring nostril, crazy killer eyes and jagged mouth while talking made him infamous of having this character who could curse any living shit on earth. Perhaps one of Loki’s alien army might get frightened just by listening to Nick’s curses. I’m not saying Samuel Jackson fails to win the audiences by playing Nick Fury, in fact he is there to entertain most of the audiences. He is indeed a funny person. My brother and I can’t stop laughing whenever he emerges in every scene despite his mighty serious expression throughout the movie. It’s just the way he plays his role depicts a black, senior looking gangster in a cool, leather jacket with an eye-patched on his face. It’s just phenomena!

Enough of Nick Fury, let’s talk about Thor. When Thor jumps into the scene by a lighting cloud while Iron man and Captain America holds Loki in this jet, the fight scene gets really intense. Loki is being interrogated by Thor in this rocky mountain and Iron Man tackles Thor to the ground while Loki watches from up above. The cinematography and the impactful sound effects are mixed perfectly well! The angle they shot combined it with great CGI, I honestly can’t breathe at that time. I’m sure everyone is glued to this scene. Then Captain America throws his shield and quickly settles the short quarrel between Iron-man and Thor.

So here’s my question to Thor. Why is he looking for Loki? Whatever happens to Natalie Portman aka Jane Foster? I specifically remember that Jane is this Physician (correct me if I’m wrong on this one) whom Thor falls in love with. Then when Thor gets to Asgard in his own movie, he promises to meet Jane again. Why the meeting between these two love birds are halted and never shown? That’s just a disappointment in my part.

Same as Captain America. My chest itches by the thoughts of Steve Rogers aka Captain America who cannot go back to his WW2 era and blew off the date with that lieutenant girl. I mean it’s just sad to be a superhero that cannot be with someone he really loves. Although in the last scene there’s this civilian who gets a glimpse of Captain America, but I have no idea who is that girl.

Bruce Banner is played by Mark Ruffalo. He plays the character really well. His quirky character, a cool guy who has a monster within him and the part where he shouts at the top of his lung when he was interrogated by black Widow; now that was crazy acting! Ruffalo has that character in him. After all, he looks like a well-behaved doctor who has these two personally. He looks angrily relax from the outside, but his inside lives the crazy Hulk just like he said in the movie, “ my secret all these years is that I am always angry” and punches this gigantic alien caterpillar to sleep by just one strike to the face! Occasionally when he turns into the Hulk, he likes to run havoc to any of his allies and foes; he chases down the Black Widow, he punches Thor to the side, he crazily silents the God aka Loki by smashing him repeatedly to the ground and said, “puny God”, and he saves Iron Man when he falls from the sky. Finally, Hulk shouts at Iron Man to wake up. That is some shouting.

About Hawk-eye……………….That Bource-Legacy guy………….Hate him…..Replacing Matt Damon! How dare him! Despite the cool trailer on YouTube, still Bourne is best played by Matt Damon. Why Matt! Why did you let this guy ruining your Legacy?!!!!

Robert Downey needs no introduction because he has everything. One, he gets to act with his co-actress Gwyneth Paltrow in this movie while the other superhero does not. Two, he is still the scumbag in the movie; rich, handsome, genius, philanthropist, and billionaire. Three, he can fly. Four, his face occupies almost 70% of the whole Avenger movie. Five, Tony gets to end the movie by having to plan in reconstructing the ruined Stark building while kissing with his secretary. Want me to say more?

But, it’s just sad not to see War Machine in the Avengers. Feels like the movie is incomplete. But I like Terrence Howard playing War Machine as he looks friendly in the movie as opposed to that other black actor.

To end this, I would rate the movie 7/10 because Spiderman isn’t in the Avengers. Can you imagine how the movie looks like if Spiderman is actually in it? I would totally root for Spiderman. Next review is The Amazing Spiderman. See yah


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18 thoughts on “Where is Jane Foster in The Avengers?”

  1. Jane Foster does not appear in The Avengers, but a picture of Portman is shown as Phil Coulson tells Thor that she is in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody to protect her from Loki.

  2. Hi… I appreciate you call yourself ‘apprentice writer’ so my expectations were not too high in reading this. That said I would like to give you some constructive feedback.

    Firstly your title! You ask where Jane Foster is in this movie. Well her picture (Portman) is shown as Phil Coulson tells Thor that she is in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody to protect her from Loki. This is clearly stated! So though she doesn’t appear she gets a mention. To be fair, considering your title, she really only gets a brief (one short paragraph out of 11 really long ones) mention in your article so you can’t really complain! I’m sure she will be in the next Thor movie and you’ll get to see them make out plenty. But this movie wasn’t about him or her… It was an Avengers movie. Really the clue was in the title.

    I’m also sure you’ll get to see Captain America find true live in his next feature. Hell, I know that’s the only reason I go to see comic book movies. Not for adventure! Not for fantasy! Not for great fight scenes! No! It’s all about the kissy kissy! Right?

    That Bourne Legacy guy (or Bource as you call it) doesn’t play Bourne in that movie! This is just one of the many factually inaccurate elements of your article. It’s also one of the many spelling mistakes and horrendous grammar. Please don’t get me started on the structure! Oh boy! Before you post something you should read it and make corrections. I was going to point them all out but it would be embarrassing for you.

    Now for your comparison between War Machine and Nick Fury! Actually it’s the actors you compare. I’m still trying to get my head around it. Maybe this isn’t your intention but there is something in there that comes over as latent racism. It’s a very strange comment to make. A actor absent from the film paralled to one who is purely on the basis that they are both black?! Why!!!

    Your final comment about Spiderman has me perplexed. He appears, as a character, in very few films. If you dislike films without him then that leaves only a small number for you to enjoy. As such I’m not convinced you are best placed to review movies.

    Actually till your rating at the end I was not even aware this was a review as you didn’t bother to do that in the preceding 10 paragraphs.

    There are many things wrong here but I hope you learn from this and get better.

  3. Come back and write me another constructive criticism when you reach 1000 views on your blog. But you’re not even a blogger, are you? Thus I see no point in entertaining a dimwit like you but just to accept your existence.

    Next time when you wish to cry out your animosity against my writing please refer back to your linguistic error and your obvious failure in analyzing the content of this blog. Do you understand the art of evaluating? Do you even know what is blogging? From the tone of your comment, it doesn’t seem like you do.

  4. This post was pretty uninformative, and there was just too much ranting. A bit more research needs to be done on some of the topics discussed. Also, Jane was mentioned in the movie. Despite not being physically present, her absence was explained and thus provides the viewer enough information to understand why Thor does not seek her out initially (or maybe he does but we don’t know as it is obviously not in the film or necessary to its plot).

  5. Jane Foster is a physicist in the movie, not a physician, sound similar but very different.

  6. Poorly written article from someone who obviously has no knowledge of marvel comics or The Avengers.

    Your views on spiderman.. Spiderman was never a full time avenger.
    Jane Foster was mentioned in the movie, being in protective custody, if your going to review a movie, at least pay attention.

    You over the top praised Mark Ruffalo, most of the instances you give him credit for, it the hulk, a computer generated character with a completly differnt voice actor.
    Not Ruffalo.

    then you proceed to put down Jeremy Renner as hawk eye, based on the fact he replaced Matt Damon in bourne.

    Terrance Howard… WAS NEVER WAR MACHINE.
    He passed the role before he actually became War Machine, did you even watch Iron Man 2?

    so your final verdict score, means absolutely nothing.

    i cant tell if this is a movie review, or a half-ass rant at some actors, and i can instantly tell you know pretty much nothing about marvel comics, so why bother to pretend too?

    Especially when you stated Nick Fury as useless… The master mind behind the avengers, the man that pulled them together, the guy running S.H.I.E.L.D, and the man, who accidently bought that alien invasion to earth in the first place while trying to develop weapons.

    In fact the entire movie was based upon him, bringing together a group of super heros, to clean up a mistake he made, by trying to advance Earths weaponry to quickly.

    yet you completely missed that.

    Im not a movie critic, but it seems you as a critic, failed to actually absorb any information what so ever then wrote a review based on the actors abiltys in other movies.

    Just to clear up, i rarely comment on blogs, but i saw your post title as “An Apprentice Writer” so i thought i would take the time to give you my views on this particular blog to help you see what a reader sees. While its not a sugar coated post, this isnt meant to cause offence or attack you personally, and i wish you the best of luck in future posts.

  7. I just read missymaycg’s comment, and it looks pretty respectful and constructive to me. Looks like an honest opinion coming from an avid fan of these types of movies. The only reason I would think someone would be hostile towards it is because they feel threatened.

    I also read Ellokai’s about me page and I think he is just sticking to what he knows best which is law. I see lawyers as people who have to be 200% confident at all times because they must demand respect to make a living. That being said, he is a bit out of his element by reviewing a movie whose audience is so broad, that it would be kind of hard to display your dominance over all of them. He is even more wrong to have “Jane Foster” appear more times in the title than in the actual article(exaggeration, but sadly not by much),

    Anyway, I lost my train of thought.. Avengers was an awesome movie, Jeremy Renner is awesome, Jane Foster wasn’t even in this article you liar. And I hope blogging is the hobby at the end of the hall where you keep all your other hobbies, cause if you worked for a newspaper i’d sue you. Jk. Get it? Cause you’re a lawyer?

    I guess what i’m trying to say is that, if you have a female written in the title, don’t make the article be 99% about men.

  8. Why Thor didn’t get together with Jane Foster in the Aveners, he said he was coming back to get and take with him to Asgard. Don’t play crazy and botch this relationship, as they really love each other. Get it together and make it happen. Thank you.

  9. LOL.. you mean physicist? Gosh, you’d think the blogger would know the difference between his/her every day doctor and a scientist.

  10. your stupid lol, first of fuck bourne and the guy that plays Hawkeye actually is a great actor, watch some of his previous work, hes a good actor, fuck Matt Damon lol hes a bitch

  11. I am hershey kaye martin I am 13yrs. Old. I like your story making me believing in them but I more like spider man in the avengers. I know even I’m just a little girl I know how it done

  12. Marvel Studios does not own the rights to Spider-Man. The rights to Spiderman are owned by Sony, therefore they cannot put him in the Avengers movies.

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