Which is better Veloster or 370 Z?

Friday is the most religious day of the week. That is in Brunei of course. The day where male Muslims, extreme pious and pretentious pious alike, have to attend the Friday prayer because it’s the norm in this country to equip that value of respect and obedient within each and everyone’s heart and soul to blossom in order to create a zikir nation.

But Friday is also the day to spend quality times with your family. Mine is car surveying for my upcoming car in few months time. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

I have been thinking to purchase a new car as soon as my first pay check from whatever the institution I am going to work with, is in my hand to enjoy. That will depend on my future prospect. Apart from work, a bachelor like myself has to think about fun time too. Am I right ladies?

Regarding that afternoon’s trip to the car surveying at somewhere near Gadong, (this one area devoted to car dealers) our first trip was to Hyundai Car Shop. Honestly speaking, I find the car Veloster as having the similar characteristic as that Indian car which transports bread in Brunei (got the picture?).

It’s really not appealing, notwithstanding the interior design is modern, with USB cable usability (which car does not have these facilities nowadays really?), lots of stereos, wide seats (accustoming to my current figure), expensive feelings of leather seats, solar repelling windows and glasses, wide space at the back, cool camera whenever I reverse the car and many more. It is very much the introduction of modern car to Bruneians.

But Veloster lacks the beauty of a bachelor’s taste in experiencing the ultimate driving machine. The wheel fails to connect with me when I hold it as the rough surface just repels my enthusiast to own it. The only available color at my time of visit is orange, said the saleslady. Orange! The color of vibrantly boring and girly. That is what I thought the color is. Perhaps my taste is different to someone’s choice of color. But ultimately the car fails to make some connection to my appealing needs.

I want a car that really knows me. A car which understands a man’s want in his early 20s. A car that whispers a promising chill of ultimate driving experience. A car that promises imaginary eye-openers to the public on the street. A car that sucks your money out slowly month by month without you realizing it. A car that is really a bitch.

That car is Nissan 370 Z. After my short visit from Hyundai, I drove to the next building, just parallel to the Hyundai building. The inside is filled with expensive looking cars (and that very very expensive GTR at the very end of the corner which I have no wish to survey) and enthusiastic salesman. One has approached me and followed me around. It was a real treat for me because he has no idea that my financial status at the very moment is well out of shape, yet I proceed with my deceiving act of being a king for one day. When he followed me around like a well behaved hound, I asked him a direct question; how much monthly after a deposit of 10k? He replied with a smile and verbally assaulted my ambition of owning the car by stating the figure 1,400 per month, include road tax. My expression remained steady but my inside was terribly trembling just by the thoughts of having to pay that much money every month just for the soul desire to own this Asian car.

The hell I will!

So I back away by nudging my mother and the rest of the family to the next building, Mazda. RX8 looks sporty and well meet the requirement of every bachelor. But the design is ugly, especially the front design and noticeably the headlights. It looks as though the car has had a fight with a bouncer the other night. The headlights depict the picture of a swollen eye. The headlights make the whole design hideous. To support that argument even further, the Mazda RX8 has no full specs which inevitably mean no auto transmission. So in essence, I can only drive manual in this car.

The hell with that!

So all in all, I think the best thing to do right now is to really visualize my future if I were to own one of these cars. Will I have a steady future ahead of me when I own this car? But which one? How much do I have to pay each month? Does it really worth it to own an enormous expensive car which promises no side income for my future? Am I going to waste my time owning such a car? Why is that? What other matters that I should think about? The petrol, the maintenance, the washing, the caring and the various other things that I will have to adhere…

So here’s the question. Do I really need to spend half of my income to buy 37OZ? What advantages I will then posses if I were to own it? Girls? Women? A wife? Bitches? I don’t think so.

On the other hand, will I get recognition and the amount of respect from my peer’s counterpart if I were to purchase Hyundai Veloster? The price really excites me, but does it worth it to swallow my pride to own such marginal value car?

Seriously, I have no idea.


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One thought on “Which is better Veloster or 370 Z?”

  1. yoh dude… just buy what you think is the best for you and all that handling the maintenance bit part. you don’t need our opinion, I’m sure you already have something in your mind haha

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