The Trans-Pacific Partnership was a mistake

“In February, the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) warned that Brunei will be placed on the list again because local authorities were unwilling to terminate trading licences of known pirate retailers.”

Brunei is one of the members of the TPP, an act of mighty error on the part of my country to blindly sign a treaty with the nation that once known to promise an isolation of the First World War, but later decided to join the conflicts in Europe.

By analysing the content of the TPP, we Bruneians are not foolish to not be able to interpret the aims of the Americans. We are educated society in this country. One of the missions of this Zikir nation is to have educated citizens by achieving dynamic and sustainable economy by 2035. We Bruneians vow to have this sanctuary we called Islamic Nation as our backbone to build this country from the austerity of the outside world. We favour peace over terror. By this evaluation, almost by definition, one can comprehend the real intention of the Americans coming into pretentious treaty with this great country. Americans still adopt that mindset to become the true power of the world. The Police of the many continents. The caster of fear into the hearts and minds of the people they once dubbed uncivilised.

I accuse the weak links of our diplomacy skill into accepting the treaty without really learning the consequences of taking part into it. It is impeccable to save the sovereignty of this nation to befriend most the countries in the world, which is agreeable. But we need to remind ourselves that we are not walking the earth of the 19th century where industrial might is the king of the war. We are living in the fast flowing world of internet where words and influences gain the trust of the people in the many parts of the world.

People nowadays have their voices heard just by the clicks on the websites. Rumours and new ideas are fragment of every individual’s imagination. We are living in the sanctuary of unsafe tomorrow. We need to remember this. The ability of our youth to receive and dispense arguments in the forms of internet videos or written blogs, have fundamental impacts to our society, coupled this with the wide spread knowledge on the importance of free speech, notwithstanding the consequences that might occur, such that the multiplying numbers of activists and rebels. Our government has to make enormous preparation to tackle this issue.

This issue is parallel to the idea of blindly accepting the suggestions of the foreigners. We are independent nation. We are free to do what’s right for this country. It is not the concern of the Americans to WARN us what to do with our leniency towards the internet piracy. What is Intellectual Property Right if it is in our nature that music industry will not last in Brunei? What is IPR, if entertainment is not as flourish as those artists in THEIR country?

Why do YOU concern about the legitimacy of this government in running the country? Do you own us Americans? Please just leave us alone. We do not need you to police every works of our commercial lifestyle. We dig resources from the ground which in return makes us wealthy as opposed to colonizing other nations’ resources like what you and your neighbouring Europe did in the last few decades.

“The government was providing weak deterrents for IP violators, the report said, which also lamented sluggish court processes that can take several months to resolve a few copyright cases.

“The major problem is intermittent scheduling (the court only hears witnesses for two to three hours per day)” and that affidavit evidence and statutory declarations are not admissible, requiring copyright owners to travel all the way to Brunei to give testimony even in cases of small retailers.”

By referring to this quote alone, one has the idea that Americans can just enter our judiciary system and critically acclaiming their superiority.

A big strong tree feels not the many breaks of its branches until it knows the inescapable downfall in the ground.


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