I wasn’t meant for you

Written By Khairuddin Harun


I don’t know what to say,

when you picked up your item and walked away,

It was your last day,

but I just stand there and said “OK”,

Need I tell you that your presence brighten my day?

The chorus of rejection hits me because no one here to play.


No matter how transparency , how honestly you’ve said,

I cannot just close one eye and just forget,

You’re my friend, you’re the E string that gives the melody,

dancing cheerfully, musical guitar you’ve given me.


The way you shut the door like before,

loneliness eats me up some more,

heard your footsteps in the hall,

but my conscience stays at the door.


The last letter you’ve given me was not meant to be read,

you gave me the last kiss and said, “it’s too late,”

the felt of your touch on my chest begged me want you to stay,

what can I do, I wasn’t meant for you.


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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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