Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

Rain drips off the roof

Rainy day has always been a wonder to me. I have no idea what would happen if there’s no rain in my country, Brunei Darussalam. Like when I did my Degree at Nottingham, UK, heavy rain accompanied with thunder is very unlikely to occur in that different part of the world. But here, we get at least 15 rainy days in a month. Although we occasionally get floats somewhere in the rural areas, but compared to what happened recently in Thailand, I am very fortunate to live in this country.

But I hate it when it’s raining on the day I go swimming. It’s like there’s this Rain System Code somewhere up in the sky, operated by witless prick playing rainy day with me.

Courtesy of Khairuddin Harun

If you take a closer look at my second picture, it may look like someone peed down the roof on a rainy day. I wonder how it feels like?


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder”

  1. The link you provided mentioned about these ‘orbs enthusiasts’ who used their 35mm cameras and found ghosts behind their respective lenses. Assuredly, I am very skeptical about their findings because 1) I used normal digital camera to snap photos and 2) I have no guts to shoot photos in haunted places like graveyards but I still get orbs on my above photos. This tells me that those orbs are merely an illusion produced by any cameras effected by lighting and camera angles.

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