Who do you miss?

What do you miss?


An alteration to the question is required to best suit what I wrote here; WHO DO YOU MISS?

At this very moment, I miss my dad. He is undergoing a training program held in Korea. His attendance targets to improve his human resource management skills more profoundly, although he’s nearing 55 years of age in 4 years time. In other words, aging never stops my hard-working and prolific father from his never ending task of gaining knowledge. His hundred percent commitment towards his job motivates my siblings and I to work harder in pursuing that success in front, hidden under the mist of challenges and walking through the long frustrating grasses of self-doubts and self-conflicts. Therefore, never let yourself under constant argument with your inner stubborn self, because that may end you up in utter failure. Failure gets no appraisal since failure is a word referring to ‘stop trying’ due to old age, health and other handicaps.

The above long-winded sentences may bore you a bit, but to those who read my wordings receive my thanks. I thank you for your gold, precious time. I don’t mean to bore you to death. I just want you to know how many people are actually reading it since it includes some threads of sentiments and emotional strings towards my lovable dad.

You see, I respect him very much. Not only he does provide me with necessities like food, clothing and shelter, but he explains to me how to live. He shows to me how to become a better person through bits of angry shouting and caring hugs from that time when I was just a little kid until I’ve grown into a responsible, yet unmarried adult.

I used to get angry at him for pressuring me and controlling me all the time. But after I received my Degree and experienced the emptiness of living abroad, I soon realize that what he did in the past is to better my present situation. He undergoes a lot of debts from the banks just for my education. He gets less entertainment for himself and sacrifices a lot for my sibling and I than for his enjoyment. He spends more time with his family than his friends. He dislikes coffee-chit-chat at the restaurant with colleague at work since he knows deeply inside that spending more time with family at home is far beneficial because in return, we as his children would pour back the love he has ever showered at us during our younger times; my mother appreciates his overall commitment for the family and thus her love towards my father never waver, and in all fairness, other people would see him as this great father figure who would do everything for the best of his family.

Perhaps I am too gullible in writing ‘too many’ regarding my father’s contribution towards my life. You, internet scampers may not give a damn on what I wrote here. But this is just me writing what lies at the top of my head at 2 o’clock in the morning. None of you will understand my predicament and my utmost appreciation towards that man I respect and love.

I miss my dad right now and I hope he will arrive back home safely to Brunei this week’s Sunday.


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