Did you have a secret hiding place?

Did you have a secret hiding place?  

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I am a fan of cartoon series. It extends from Tom and Jerry to Japanese anime, Dragon Ball. As a man in his early 20s, I still instill the warmth of childhood when I stumbled into these cartoons on the internet or on television series. What these cartoons have in common is the fact that they distorted the laws of physics and created their own creative world by making the cartoon characters to be able to fly, to fall down a 1,000 stories of building without a scratch, running speed faster than lightning and many more. Moreover, they taught me to become like them and thus most of the kids during my time imitated their ‘special powers’, ‘humors’, ‘attitudes’, and other attributes the character contributed. Then,  these children would apply these attributes on their peers at school, sharing their interest unconsciously.

This high ideal of social capacity in attempting to imitate the fictional life of the cartoon characters encouraged me to make a hiding place. A place where I could live my own fantasy without the constrain of the society. My friends would normally fail to share the same interest on what I do like watching cartoon or anime. Thus I resort to cage myself in the solitude of my own satisfaction. I would form a fortress in my room by building a tent using the mattress, study tables and chairs and pillows as my materials. People say imagination creates powerful creativity. At that time I have no idea what’s the point of building my own tent in the middle of my room. But now I realize that I spent most of my younger days hiding in a dark corner of my dimly lit room, being creatively lonely.

A secret hide out is a special place where you created by the sole purpose of recognizing your own existence to the world. Unconsciously, you build a place naturally to inform others that you need privacy. You can live by your own. You can achieve something without the help of others. You want to show the world that you are not a timid and weak creatures, to live only by the helping hands of others. No. You are superior by your own and your secret hiding place emphasizes your point more clearer.  Your secret hiding place ensures your own protection and security since no others give the assurance but you. It makes you stronger although deprive of the warm companion of peers and friends. I think this is the main reason why I have difficulties in trying to make friends nowadays. The past experiences haunts my adultery.

I write this blog in my room at my table accompanied by the ceiling fan providing gushing air to circulate around the room, lessening the hot and humid weather circling outside these four walls. In front of me, different sorts of pictures and notes on the wall stared down at me. My table is filled with wiring computer, pills, cellphones and other modern technological accessories. Behind sits my guitar on my armchair beside my bed. I spend most of my time here in my room; reading, watching comedies and playing PC games. Does that mean I have created my own secret hiding place unconsciously?


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