How do you know when you’re right?



How do you know when you’re right? 



The title floating above simply ask the lingering doubts residing in your head most of the time whenever you are on a set of daily sitcom arguing with someone else, be it your family, spouse or friends. Initially the high ideals in you often fail to envisage the situation of others. You often believe that you are constantly right, especially when the topics you are talking about are those you are familiar with.

As a man of early 20s, I understand the frustration of losing in argument. We cannot tolerate the idea of being the timid creature among the society. We want to win. However such unfair sentiment always lead to unfavorable conclusion since you are creating the potential for animosity to take place.

Therefore we need to be fair in our dilemma and perceive that we are not, in all fairness, always correct in our assumption or opinions on something. Such example will include; the time of paying bills. Men always blame their partners that the deficit in  saving accounts are not in the faults of them. It is the feline character of  purchasing unnecessary facilities concluded in the forever debts at hand. On the contrary, to do so would build anger to both parties because men also spend on unnecessary things such as cars, cellphones and any technologies that promoted and strengthened their status in the eyes of the members of the society.

My writing may have strayed from the initial question which simply asks the predicament in which I am vindicated during social gathering. However below lies my distinctively written answers which I split into three categories:

Factually Educated: When I read on certain topics or by which I have encountered such topics during my spare time in the past where I spent a lot of time doing it, then I am in complete assurance that I am right in that situation.

Peers Discussion: If the question is something that my friends, family and I have discussed in great length over night outs or dinners, I would definitely say that whenever I am discussing it with my other friends again in the near future, I would not waver on my answers as doubts and uncertainty will not exist in me.

Past Experiences: If I were to talk to someone and it touches on something I have experienced before in the past, like the despair feelings of breaking up, then I will increasingly assure my counterparts that with the increasing weight of evidence in my memory, I am absolutely correct about it.


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