The Most Relaxing Place

Where is the most relaxing place in your world?

A place where relaxing a muddled mind is a priority.

A place meant to foster endless security from work-related pressure, loosening the tightening screws of frustration into a smooth flowing river of delight.

A place overlooking the wide blue ocean, shading you by the standing palm trees, and the soothing melody of waves floats your stress away into zero particles of dust.

A place, empty of sophistication but occupied by friendly environment of chilling effects, warming your day happier instead of the uncomfortable burning hotness stared by the angry sun.

A place where you can walk freely without any restrictions or constraints. Freedom is available and nothing around stops you from doing what you really want.

A place where you walk around gleefully, joyously and freely, naked.

A place where you call home and not feeling embarrassed about telling it to your friends, no matter how run-down it may look.


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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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