A juggling patience

Green front yard provides a great practice ground


Soccer Juggling Tricks


Performing soccer juggling tricks before an audience of potted flowers, patina age of rusty fences, and the surrounding ghostly neighbors, with my house eyeing every failed juggle I attempted, is very much relieving and relaxing.
Ever since I was a tender age of 15, I have practiced juggling my uncle’s damaged soccer ball. Most of the time, the ball was not fully rounded as for the extra air bulging at odd angles, making it difficult for me juggle every time.
Perhaps on one angry afternoon, one of my uncles had kicked the ball too strong, injuring the poor ball physically, thus the swollen shape.
Imperfect or disfigured ball, I nevertheless juggled any ugly soccer ball I found. I was juggling with patience.
But when I entered my Sixth-form, I didn’t undertake any juggling practices as often as I did during my younger time.
Not after 5 years later, I started to juggle again. With a mixture of rap music and pop rocks in my iPod, I juggled happily following the tempo and rhythms of the various music feeding my 23-year-old’s ears.
I am struggling to juggle perfectly nowadays, but I need to breath in the air of patience. It keeps me fit and healthy. So what are you waiting for?


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