Yet Another Surprise-r

Stairs on a rainy day


The sky burnt darker,

painted my afternoon grayer,

sat like a painter,

on an afternoon color.


The surprise none existed,

if laziness persist,

yet healthier body expected,

if routine workout polished.


Though the raining day shower,

soaking my day sooner,

yet never will it stop a determined player,

beaming his healthy desire.


Ellokhai is a Bruneian blogger, an enthusiastic rhymer and an amateur photographer based in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. He spends most of his day reading newspaper or dating his guitar. His blog’s content is a pie of arbitrary topics, touching on insensitive issues relating to the youth of Bruneian lifestyle with a slice of poetry, a little salt of inspiring pictures and a plate of sincerely motivating advise.  


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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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