Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Wood Pigeon seen enjoying the rain
Up-close view of a wood-pigeon on a rainy day

I was having a tea break with my sister one rainy afternoon when I saw a pigeon sitting on a roof of my grandparent’s house next door. I quickly ran up to my room and grabbed my camera and the opportunity to capture  the pigeon’s bathing was still apparent. A quick snap-shot and a picture was produced in the hour of unplanned moment.

Opportunity still exists even though you sometimes think it’s already too late.

Sunset gleams farewell to long grasses field

After my 30-minutes jogged at Tanah Jambu Industrial Site, I sat and rested my aching ankles on an empty road next to my car and captured this moment with shortness of breath in me.

It’s not like everyday you can witness a slow sunset over an abandoned field dominated by long  green grasses around an Industrial Area. And it’s not like everyday you have the motivation to stop and take a picture about the moments surrounding you while your body was in extreme dehydration and exhaustion.

Ellokhai is a Bruneian blogger and an amateur photographer based in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. He spends most of his day reading newspaper or battling with other online players in DOTA Gaming Community (Defence of the Ancient). His blogs are mostly on arbitrary topics, touching on insensitive issues regarding today’s new generation.


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity”

  1. May I be the second one? 😉 I like the back story about how you rushed to take a picture of the pigeon and what you write about opportunity still existing longer than we sometimes think.

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