What’s your opinion of the occupy movement & 99%?

Occupy Wall Street.

The 99% movement.

Not all people around the world, living their way of life differently, are aware of this movement. When a local senior was asked in my village, at Bandar Seri Begawan, in Brunei Darussalam, regarding the outbreak of the masses against the rich few, he simply said, ” inda ku tau aeh (I have no idea)”.

Not all people in the world knows how to operate the internet, to connect with people around the world, to join in this grief committee that sets up this movement and to participate in this temporary human right protest.

Again, not all people are interested. Only some part in the world are really concerned about this new Socialist movement, bringing masses of untrained peasants and worthless peons, calling for war against the Lord of Capitalism, at the Caste Banks, the land where the rich, famous and the manipulative royal families live.

The Vital Few, and the trivial many.

These corporate Banks, these money laundering bastards, these white-crime organizers, are the few of the many that are responsible in providing jobs and employment for most of the many. They have the capital to assist people how to get more money so that they can follow their dreams. For instance, providing student loans to those who want to achieve better jobs. However, this dream is none realistic if failure is in the way. Not all college graduates are promised to better their life by the Degrees and knowledge they have gained throughout their 3-5 years of college. But statistically, those with qualified merit in their diploma will stand taller than those with no college degrees.

But set backs are common for graduates who obtain student loan from the Banks. Especially those who wish to continue their study by pursuing the Bar Examination, extreme number of them have fallen to the pit-hole of doom of their endless debts to the Bank.

Similarly with social life in the society. They need houses to shelter their family, cars to drive around the country and necessities to feed and entertain themselves. Often they need the help of the bank in order to live. Thus they obtain mortgages and loans continuously until they don’t realize that all their incomes are played by the puppet master of the Bank. They have allowed themselves to sell their soul to the Devil Lord of the Bank in order to move their physical body; house, tuition for children and food and medical health care and many more. The lists are countless and never-ending.

In the end, one cannot do anything but to conform with the society’s system of reliance and blind conformity. Blinded by giant, beautiful corporate advertisement of ‘mirage happy house and dream cars’, society in large are easily manipulated to sell their life with devil debts. Debts and more debts are essential in one’s life. It is the key ingredient to live in this depressing world.

However, only to have one side of the argument is rather incomplete in every essay and of course in every journals of life. We need to have counter argument to the above contention.

Personally I would pin point the idea of simple and minimalism life style. Despite debts are unavoidable for all human beings in this modern era, we have upgraded our knowledge by studying and learning from the super achievers. There are many financial advisers and money generator geniuses live harmoniously after fighting the often chaotic struggle of financial stability. We need to educate ourselves with sufficient pool of positive feedback on money management.

For instance, how to minimize debts, how to borrow money from the Bank wisely, how to manage our debts, how to obtain side incomes and how to live moderately so that we are not forever live in the hands of this dictator so-called the Banks. They are always our Lords, but they are not our God. We can escape to a far away village once our debts are finished. They cannot track our life forever.

We cannot claim false accusation against the vital few without legitimate argument , but we can avoid ourselves from being the trivial many.


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