If you found $1000…

If you found $1000 worth of superballs, and had a free afternoon, what creative use could you put them towards? Can you think of a clever way to use them

I wonder what would happen if I feed my obese, house-cat with a basketball-size super ball (bouncy ball) and drop him from a third floor down to the ground floor of my house? Would this have the effect of bouncing him twice the height of my house or plunged to his death, splattering all blood on the cemented parking area?

But in all conscience, I would just present my imaginative $1,000 super ball to my girlfriend as a marriage proposal, as a lesson for her to be learnt that this proposal is bouncily voidable ( an open invitation to treat where contractual agreement is none existent).

There are, by far from the sea of information given by the Wikipedia, various kind of super balls existed, formulated in different ambient colors and sold in safe packages for children to play.

But here’s my crucial question amid the fact that I’m straying away from the main tile – why is it safe for children to play with this tiny circular bouncy objects? These small bouncy balls are easily consumed by children below the age of 2-3. They lacked the mental capacity to recognize  whether the objects are digestible. By all means, this may be different if they are under the supervision of their parents.

Going back to the main title, if I were to receive or found $1,000 worth of superballs, I would invite my cousins and friends to come to my house for a big party celebration. I assume that $1,000 worth of superballs are many in numbers that it could make up to a size of a football field. Or that idea lead to a rather blundering imagination of cynical idiocy?

In my neck of the woods (Brunei Darussalam), I used to play this bouncy balls (we called it “guli” during my pre-school years), at the back of the school yard. There was this small area, less than 2 meter in length, nearby broken fences and rusty pipe-lines  where the battles of guli-ation was being held every recess time. There was this starting point where all the players started to aim their guli and at the end of the line marked the targeting-square-boxes, where all second gulis were being compiled.

The primary objective of the game was to simply fling the guli by either rolling it or straight striking the other opponent’s guli’s outside the marking-box-area. If you successfully hit and bounced out your opponents’ gulis, you have the right to obtain it (so to speak).

I remember I never won a large number of gulis at that time. Perhaps my lack of aiming and focusing ability were not enhanced yet. If I were to play that game once again and there happened to be a tournament taking place in my country on National Guli Association (if it were even exist), I would be the first person to not join the tournament. Simply because I haven’t practiced playing it for a very long period of childish time.


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