Close Your Eyes





What thoughts did your mind wander to while you were counting?


My vision I briefly shut,

darkens my beings inside,

I sit alone against a wooden chair,

my other self floats somewhere.


Those days when time never my play,

reading words of facts everyday,

writing what has been written again and again,

continuing the quest of knowledgeable game.


Holiday is the friend for a restless mind,

setting it free beyond the horizon shine,

laying on a floor of marble tiles,

my treat after education marathon miles,

timing my skills under the clock of examination,

and smoothly enjoy the snapshots of graduation.


I see myself soaring up the throne,

the throne of success and the palace of my own,

how I be reborn to live behind this world,

this world I love, this world I hurl,

I hurl past troubles, away from me,

only to pull again new challenges to see,

I seek strength from the Mighty Allah,

to lend my eyes another vision; insyallah.


I close my eyes I see that face,

that face of courage, confident image,

standing tall at a beautiful place,

with the maiden of my other half,

in a little Heaven’s dance.


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A thriller with a touch of romance. A mystery seeker. A modern daydreamer.

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