Write a review of the last movie you saw

A couple of weeks ago, I have the privilege of watching Johnny English: Reborn with my family at the Mall, Gadong. I have been waiting tirelessly for this movie to come out ever since I was sitting for my final year exam in UK. I watched the trailer countless times on YouTube and I never seem to stop giggling when repeating the trailer’s scene where this Monk was training Johnny English the ancient secret of martial arts.

As eager as I was, my family and I arrived at the Mall and caught in an unfortunate traffic. We rushed to the upper level and grabbed the tickets ( since mother had purchased the tickets via SMS) and walked hurriedly through the small crowds into the new cinematic areas at the far right corner of the Mall. Apparently, since we had a quick dinner at the fast food corners prior to that, we were 15 minutes late when we finally sat for the movie. I blamed the stupid Jubilee for their slow service. But on second thought, we were to be blamed in the first place because we chose to fill our stomach at a fast food corner, despite our movie had already started!

So we sat there and letting go our discomfort for missing out the first scenes of the movie; where Mr Bean was trained furiously by the Shaolin Monks.

Johnny (Mr Bean : Rowan Atkinson) was said to come back from his nostalgia memories where he failed to protect the President of Zimbabwe (or was it something else? It was African President). Due to that, he went into solitude for almost 5 or 10 years and thus the training scenes with the Monks. He came back to the spying department confidently and promised the Director (a lady) that he could do right this time. And the funny plot on the Cat, cars and many more, ran along way.

I loved the scene where he was trying to chase after this Chinese runner. The phrase said by one of the wise monk, I believed was something like, ” you are old Johnny, but you have wisdom now. Use it for your own advantage.” And so he caught the guy with his wisdom by not jumping off a 6 feet wall but just creeping slowly through a small gap between the two walls, by not climbing a 10-feet-wired fences but just open the door, by not leaping from one building to another but just wait for a trailer to transport him to another building (!!), by not climbing down the building by the walls but just use the elevator, by kicking down of the wooden plywood to strike the Chinese runner unconscious rather than fighting him in a combat. Overall, it was fantastically brilliant!

Also the constant predictable appearance of this “vacuum old Chinese cleaner” adds extra 100 pounds of humor into the movie. You will understand it once you watch it.

Oh yeah, I almost forget about the black assistant. He is black and funny. Unlike that white guy assistant in the first movie who keeps on repeating the word, ” Sir…Sir”, this black actor is more hilarious. As usual, the assistant exists just to correct the wrongs and mistakes done by Johnny English. But it’s just the way the young black assistant plays in this movie makes it more lively and interestingly adventurous.

My review and rating towards this movie is 9/10. I strongly recommend all ages to watch this splendid masterpiece.


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