Name a food you used to like – what changed?

I used to devour like a beast upon feasting on thick cheese, tuna layered Pizza! The dreamy creamy cheese in the mouth after the first bite at the tip of the pizza slice never fails to bright my day happy. The variety tiny cuts of vegetables and mushrooms decorated the topping more appealing and tempting. Don’t forget about the wonderful craving delicate smell of its tropical aroma evaporated up in the air, making the restaurant tables ever so lively. Our table, consist of my dad, mom and my brother, had their hungry hands with their own friendly slice of pizza and some more slice in their respective plates. It was a wonderful scene. I was only 10 on that day.

Now, I’m an adult of 23 years old, I still craved for deep crafty Pizza, but not so much anymore. It’s because of the cheese. I have suffered terrible acne when I was a teenager. At that time, I had no sufficient knowledge on how my acne erupted year after year. No one was there to tell me that CHEESE was the primary reason for my acne-army-formation battling a scarring war on my face. I went to facial skin care centre, thinking to dig out those ugly, dirty looking pimples off my face. But in the end, the constant forcing and digging out the bulging pimples by the stupid Indonesian Skin Care Specialists had scarred my face with rough skin. Now I have scars on my face, though a mild one.

Even when I went to UK for my degree, I had weekly consumption of cheese for my afternoon delight and late supper. I had cheese with bread, with hamburgers, and with crackers. I loved it. Not until I had this feeling inside me, calling me out to stay away from cheese. Well, not exactly like I heard a voice, but I was mature enough to search on the internet to find out more about the causes of acne. I made a researched on foods which caused acne to develop.

Apparently, I am allergic to protein in milk.  I have this common problems faced by many acne sufferers whereby my hormonal reaction towards the intakes of milk increases my sebum production. The more I drink milk or eat cheese, the more likely I will produce extra sebum which means that it increases the speed of developing new skin cells. The rapid growth of these new skins is too quick that it made difficult for the dead skin cells to be removed completely. As a result, the skin layers of new and dead skin cells collided which caused blocked pores. This is where inflammation occurs where red bulging pimples developed! (It was so damn embarrassing when this occurs in the middle of my nose during school day!) Therefore as you all know, blocked pores cause bacteria to develop and no matter how many times you wash your face, Mr. Bacteria will never stop to accumulate and flirt with your attractive blocked pores.

Again, if you drink more milk at this time, you will only increase your hormones thus increases insulin resistance. In other words, the mother cow produces milk for their young calves. Milk has never been made for full-grown mammal! It is meant to feed their calves. But due to human’s innovative ideas in expanding businesses on dairy products, society started to get manipulated by attractive commercials by the media, stating that drinking milk would enhance bone growth and strengthened the teeth. But in fact, it increases hormones that disrupt the human system. Added by technological chemicals injected to mature cows to enhance milk productions, mother cows are initially being forced to milk for human’s consumptions. In effect causing problems in the blood circulation, thus causing a lot of health related problems, like heart disease, Oxidative stress, high blood sugar and acne.

Right now, sitting on my bed while writing this blog, I started to wonder how come I let this vital information to slip out from my face. If only I knew about this in the first place, I would have a perfect skin.

But I still eat Pizza at Pizza Hut from time to time. And I hardly get any pimples on my face anymore. I’m not sure whether it is because of my aging process of maturity or the army of pimples on my face have long been retired from waging war against my delicate skin. Or perhaps the fact that I started my daily intakes of ‘Fish Oil’ reduces the development of acne. Who knows….But the only thing I am sure, I am very allergic to proteins in milk.


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