Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about

For the sake of clarity and also due to my unwillingness to write sincerely towards answering this topic, I’m only going to provide this one thing I’m afraid to write about;  My religious views.

I’m not trying to imply that I have some doubt on my religion. I believe on what my countrymen said regarding Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet and there is no God except Allah Ta’ala, the most gracious and the most merciful. I put my absolute trust on those around me who have taught this religion and I seek to believe that I am in the right path. Since I was 3 years old, the praying method of kissing the ground on the mat and bowing my head several times towards the direction of Mekah while reciting Arabic words became my earliest subject on how to pray correctly to Allah Ta’ala. I was taught that if I were to become a good Muslim, performing the Islamic teachings full-heartedly and refraining from doing what Islam prohibited, would promise me beautiful heaven once I leave this world.

I become a Muslim because apparently my whole family are Muslims. No question asks, I am devoted to my own religion. The things my parents do leads me the way to live my life without any questions appearing in my head like why am I a Muslim. I believe that what my parents choose and do are correct and with their solid, unwavering commitment towards Islam, I am happy to do everything under their supervision like reciting the Qur’an, fasting a whole month of Ramadhan and so on.

On the other side of the coin, I have this question in mind. My friends who are not Muslims, back when I was a law undergraduate, told me that they choose not to follow their parents footsteps. I remember I have this flatmate from America, continuing his Master Programme on English Literature, studying at the same University as I was, telling me that he didn’t believe on Jesus. He disregard on what his parents told him ever since he was a boy. He became a free thinker after teaching English in Japan for almost 7 years! So he was quite older than me. Why did he throw Christianity out of his window’s flat somewhere around Japan? Why he chose not to follow the belief practiced by his parents?

Again I live with three girls during my final year and two of them were Christians. One of them said that she regarded religion as this stupid system, harming the society. In other words, religions are manipulative guidance, aiming to lead people to nowhere. In her own words, “It is dumb”. The other two girls often went to clubs, drinking alcoholic beverages and sometimes bringing random guys to their room. I learn that true Christians are prohibited to drink intoxicated beverages to a point of complete unconsciousness and sex before marriage is strongly discouraged. It was a sin. Why do my flatmates, young girls at the age between 21 and 25, choose to ignore their religion? Is it because of modernisation?

The truth of religion is as clear as a bright blue sea, except those who can’t swim into the words of the God. Christians have been led by stupid lying Pope, old child molester priests. Bibles have been written into many versions after the crucifixion of Jesus. The words and advices were altered and twisted, turning the bible into senseless, useless piece of work. The stories and the journey of re-known prophets became untrue as new character was included into the bible chronicle.

That’s when Prophet Muhammad came to the world and correcting every mistake that those wrongdoers had done to bible or other religions in the past. Prophet Muhammad gave the light to shine every person’s in the world with clean advices, motivating stories, pious praying methods aiming to cleanse the soul, teaching the meaning of obedience, and true integrity towards the one God.

Why do many Muslims still question their religion? Why some of my friends neglect their prayers and choose to watch movies at the cinema? Why do Muslims in the Middle East treat women in unfairly manner? Why do I become a Muslim and not my non-Muslim friends? Why do I have this wonderful opportunity to learn this beautiful religion and not the majority people in Japan? Why my family are Muslims?

In a lay-man’s words, why do I get this manual book on how to make my way to Heaven so called Al-Qur’an and never in the hands of my non-Muslim friends? Is it fair for them to waste their lives praying to the wrong God since their family are non-Muslim?


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