What’s more important: electricity or the internet?

Every time when my hunger strikes, I walk down to the kitchen ‘gangsta-ly’ with my right leg dragging my other leg to the ground as if there’s tiny gravels in my left shoe, but actually I’m on my bare feet. At house, I am able to walk my way through the hallway, around the spiral staircase, passing the dimly lit dining room and finally reaching the kitchen, carrying my hungry stomach, led by all sorts of different lighting appliances such as the ceiling light, the dining lamps, the crystal pendant light and finally the kitchen ceiling light.


I cannot find my way to the fictionally puzzle route from my room to the kitchen without any lights around. So practically I need electricity in guiding me around my own house.


Alternatively, picture this. You’re wandering around the Mall alone just to relieve that stress clouding your day after a huge fight with your father on ‘relationship issues’ when suddenly an untimely blackout occurs. And you are standing alone in this dark alley where all the blocks are not rented yet. The frightful screams of young shop girls assistant is heard from few blocks away, like 100 meters away from where you are currently standing.


Now, can you walk your way to the group of other Mall strollers?


Of course you can. You can just grab your iphone or ipod or any cellphones from one of your pocket to light your way to the next block.


The point is this. Do you need internet at this time? Would you GOOGLE your way to an enthusiastic army of shoppers who marches their bulky plastic bags of home necessities or irrelevant goodies like hair sprays or DVDs? Would you watch YouTube to find whether Shane Dawson has given any advice to deal with this unimaginative situation?


Now picture yourself sitting on the toilet at the Mall after having Sushi party with your friends when an abrupt failure of electricity shocks your heart. Again, you wouldn’t go for your iphone for Google, would you? Or “FACEBOOK-ing” your friends asking for ‘HELP’? Or what if you left your iphone on the restaurant table, protected by your trusty friends? Or what if your friends left you alone in the dark in the toilet? Or what if the hose water only functions by the current of electricity or what if there’s no tissue left? You wouldn’t…………………………..OK, I think I need to stop asking myself and you another stupid questions.


Initially, you can live without the internet in any real-life situation. But you can’t barely walk around your own house or at the Mall without any electricity.


But actually, life without the internet is rather tedious. In this modern, cyber life society, modern children have practiced how to utilize the internet friendly and effectively. For instance, my 10 year old cousin has already got his own Facebook and my 12 year old brother knows how to download PC games via the internet. Increasingly, Internet is user-friendly and a very simplistic politician which invariably voted in favour by all people around the world.


In terms of socializing, I normally use my MSN, Facebook, or even Twitter to get in touch with my real High school friends as well as my unreal friends that I found on the internet. During my time at the University, I normally e-mailed my lecturers and tutors to make an appointment before I could meet them. I don’t usually kick their doors open and demand them to explain complicated law issues to me. I need to follow the University moral ethics and codes which unsurprisingly favors the use of internet, to enable the undergraduates to communicate with their tutors or lecturers. Also, whenever there’s social gathering being held, there are always manipulative e-mails asking first year undergraduates to dissipate their college money on 1 pound vodka. Also, how about paying University fees? Do you use cash or do you need to apply for billing online payment?


Regarding my financial and economical health status, I would rather download free songs on the internet, normally by converting YouTube videos into mp3 songs, rather than by the expensive traditional methods of physically driving to CD shops and purchase CD songs. Financially wise, I would rather watch free movies on the internet than constantly burning my money to cinema theatres or on 60 dollars original blue-rays . (Although I still practice the old fashion way of watching new movies at the cinema most of the time.hehe)


To shorten this argument, internet is like that creamy, costly thick chocolate cake at a 5 star restaurant that you have an option as a side order after having a big plate of chilly Thai fried noodles. You come to the restaurant to fill your stomach but not normally spend on expensive desserts which you can normally buy at the supermarket near you at a very cheaper price! Much cheaper! (Well, if you’re on a date, you might!)


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