Do you agree with the death penalty?

Death penalty; the nick name of capital punishment has been condemned by many for its cruelty in taking human being’s life; be it innocent or sadistic cruel criminals. The latter may be ‘the most wanted man on earth for his or her cruel acts in killing the former’, but you will never know whether he or she is truly guilty. He or she may be the victim of false accusation by people who had a grudge on them.

Death penalty has been around the world for centuries. There are a lot of methods to perform this death penalty unto others who have committed wrongdoings like murder, rape, theft, or it may go as far as treason. Just for a short history, personally, the most disgusting types of death penalty ever undertaken in the course history of execution and torture are impalement. Just so you know, it is an act of protruding or forcing a sharp or blunt pole up the accused person’s anal or if it were women, the pole would penetrate through her vagina, making its way up through intestines, stomachs, lungs, and finally out the mouth. How painful is that! You tell me! It is the most disgusting, sexually disturbed punishment I have ever known! Seriously, who in the world created this cruel punishment? Is it God? I don’t think so.

There are other disturbing types of capital punishment like crucifixion (most notably Jesus death from the perspective of Christianity), crushing by elephant ( YES! Elephants were trained in some Asia to crush the accused to death), flaying, dismemberment, sawing, and many disgusting shitty vivid cruel methods more. I have read some of these death penalties on the internet and every time I read the definition elaborated by those writers on Wikipedia, my eyes twitched and my mouth gagged with disgust. Let’s read out what I really think about these notorious, inhumane death penalties below, shall we?


In this modern era, we are all aware on how the death of Jesus came about. He was ‘nicely tied’ by on that pole wood cross, on top or in front of any Churches. He was said to receive all the sins committed by his ‘sons’. OK. That’s from the view point of the Christianity. But many never got this crucial information whereby Jesus was actually nailed through the pole on both of his palms and the side of his feet. Some Historians claimed that the nails were driven right into the wrists between the two little bones. To relieve the pain being stressed and concentrated on these palms or hands, the feet had to be nailed down too.

Do you know how much painful pressure was pressed against these organs? The weight of the body would put painful pressure on the palms, thus making the person to have difficulty in breathing since his chest was all stretched out. Due to hydration and loss of blood, the persons would be left dead in the eyes of a public display.

I wonder what would happen if this is being performed in this modern era? Picture this. You were walking in the street, shopping with your mom and suddenly someone whose hands and feet were nailed to a wooden plank cross. Wouldn’t you scream for your life?


Flaying. Look at this word. It sounds innocent and it has the same feature of the word ‘flying’. But there’s nothing flying about it if I tell you that flaying refers to an act of cutting or slicing the flesh of the body; alive! Damn son! That’s crazy! Now you tell me that’s not disgusting. I can’t even stand the look of my maid skinning dead chickens at the back of our house. But to think that a living person is being skinned alive is just a nightmare that I do not want to have again. Is this a beautiful sight to see? Shit no.


Have you ever watched the movie THE SAW? If you haven’t, you have no slight idea what kind of gruesome thing that I’m about to tell you. Turn off your music right now and imagine this.

A man was hanged upside down, naked. He was in a public display on a ground level. Both of his feet was stretched and spread out, revealing his anal and genitals. Those feet were tied to these two poles that stretched these legs. His hands were similarly tied up on those poles. Then two other muscled, masked men were standing in front and behind him. They both were holding a long, giant sized saw and it was on top of the accused anus. Then like sawing a tree, those two executioners started sawing down the accused man down from his genitals to his face, splitting him into two! HOLY SHIT!

Now tell me if that is not gruesome!

What really amazed me was the fact that, there was this one King in the Roman Empire where he was actually enjoying the sight of this freak show while having his lunch. The freaky King considered the horrifying execution as an appetizer. Damn! Baru ya!

I am not going to dwell into such a mess, grotesque death penalties which were practiced by the ancient laws any more. You can read it by yourself! It is rather immorally unhealthy for me to talk about it some more in this blog. And again, these punishments were abolished 300 years ago. 300 years ago were not far out!

When compared the above death penalties to our current capital punishments like death by lethal injection, gunshot to the head, chair electrocution and etc, it were not that grotesque and performed in a slow, suffering agonizing death. It was quick and simple.

But society all across the world condemns capital punishment because of the Human Rights Act and the idea that some of those criminals were innocent and not guilty. We have no other choices but to carry on something that the masses feel right.

When I was young, I had this idea that rapist should be put in the death raw. They should be killed, vanished and be gone from the surface of this earth. I disliked them because their cruel acts of abusing little girls, robbing their virginity, traumatizing them to a point that even psychiatrists could not heal their young minds, and their immoral acts of selfish pleasure, should not be again allowed to roam in this world. I often heard a story in a small village in Malaysia where there was these group of young daughters were raped one by one in their small farming hut, owned by their father. The father almost wanted to commit suicide as 4 of his daughters were raped by those rapists who until now, have never been traced and caught. To me, these rapists should be hanged, stone to death, tortured and executed in front of the public. Heck, there should be an army of angry mod, related to those deceased daughters, bludgeoning those rapists to death. That’s a fair justice, wouldn’t you agree?

But as I grew older, my friend once told me that if the government were to authorize the mass killing of these so called “rapists”, innocent life could be killed too. There was always a case where immoral school children in the city who have rich parents, like to hang out in their early years. They would have boyfriends and may also conducted sexual acts. When they reached the age of 17, they would dare to open a false claim, accusing their 25 year old boyfriend raping them, but the truth was, they were the one who consented to sex in the first place.

In the end, law makers are constantly in the state of endless battles whether to ruthlessly design laws which inevitably provide criminal free society but have the effect of killing mostly innocent people, or laws which have proper balance in our world of limitless ineffective justice system.

Personally, I would choose death penalty. Regardless the man may be innocent and have caught a lot of public interest. However, if there are sufficient evidences brought forward like the accused were caught in the act of criminal conduct by the help of CCTV or relying on reliable resources, why don’t just the justice system distinguish them and throw them in the fire of fair judicial manner. After all, why were the accused persons were arrested in the first place? If he stayed at home and was not running about at dangerous places, he shouldn’t be caught.


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