Should everything be done in moderation?

They say time is gold. Time wasted on something irrelevant makes one to hardly accomplish something worthwhile. In turn, this negates one’s opportunity to really strive for that hidden goals which is not surprisingly, are available for every one who either has rich or poor soul in them. The mere fact that many fail to realize it’s existence brings forward idle and dull perception on life to these low life souls and just regard everything as something which is not worthy to fight for.

If one has a definite goal set personally in the nectar of beautiful flowers of missions and objectives, this brings one to believe that time is actually being proportioned equally to everyone in this world. The only different that differentiate him and you is what and how one acts and spend their time. Successful people has different habits in their life when compared to those who fail. They often envisage that they’re going to die poor if they don’t do something about themselves.

Let’s take two scenarios which I have undertaken today; reading and exercising. I read just for the idea that I want to improve my way of thinking and really develop my sense of knowledge on how general occurrence around the world comes about by reading  those boring materials posted in different news media via the internet. I also adopted the habit of reading Brunei Wawasan 2035 or any books that related to it like Oxford Business Group. It is rather tedious in the eyes for uninterested lay persons but it does open the minds for those who have great appreciation towards the country they are living. I am not however going to dwell my textbooks knowledge in this blog because by doing such a thing would definitely be a waste of time. In fact, I just want to pinpoint something that emerges from my mind; how should I spend my reading time, moderately or extremely? Should I read like 2000 pages a day or an article per day? How about relevant facts, should I be reading intensely like as if I’m going to sit for an exam on this subject matter or just read everything like I’m reading Archie’s comics?

To regard these textbooks as your primary motivation to strive knowledge that many lack may have benefited you in the long run. After all, with these relevant knowledge at the back of your head in your early years, there is higher chance that you may stumble upon these issues and challenges again in the near future if you were to work under the Government. So should you do the reading moderately?

Personally I would agree to that question because I want to remain stress-free on these matters instead of taking it seriously. Picture this scenario. If you were to have a social gathering with your peers in the Mall, you wouldn’t want to discuss issues regarding territorial border disputes or the issues on Spartly Island where CHINA claims that island is under their control and not Phillipines? You would perhaps talk about something interesting like football or basketball or gossips more intently. Am I right?

Oh yeah, I’m terribly sorry if I am no near in answering the question in the title above. I have my own way on answering the question, which is “waffling” so much on something completely irrelevant. OK, with that in mind, et’s proceed to another scenario; exercise.

Exercising is an act of releasing your bodily liquid by sweating all the harmful toxic out your skins. This is healthy if you wish to be fit and saying no to fat. Not only being fat is the main motivation for people to go exercising every afternoon, the risk of diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and strokes prompt many Bruneians to look themselves naked in the mirror and say, ” barigali jua usulku ani aeh! ( I look disgusting)”

So, what is your method of exercising? Moderate or intense extreme killer workout? Again in my personal view, I would rather choose moderate because it is simple and encourages me to do it daily. If one to exercise super crazily in the gym for 2 hours straight by weight lifting, rowing, jogging, jumping and etc continuously, the energy to do that again tomorrow would deplete enormously. You will lose the interest to go to gym on the next day. You will see it as a burden provider. It would not only sucks out your money every month but also sucking up all your hopes and dreams to achieve six-packs quicker.

My answer is just exercise moderately like cycling or jogging for 10 to 15 minutes everyday. If you’re weak physically, walking for 10 minutes around the house is healthy too. As long as you walk out your house, away from your iPod or Laptop and  just let the natural air and sunshine be your 15 minutes friend.  They are in fact your best friend because by doing this moderate exercise EVERYDAY, you’re bound to meet them again and again until to a point where you are too close that you have no physical realization on it’s existence.

As a man myself, I am a moderate person. I choose to be moderate because it brings fun habit of continuous journey in the hope of developing my inner and outer potential to the maximum level. I believe that being cohesively clinging to your habit and regard it as your play time will eventually assist you in developing a healthy dosage of goodness where many may regard it as burdensome and tedious waste of energy.


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