What scares you at night

Imagine you are in your bed, tucking your blanket over your chest and shut your eyes for a bit. Then you have that eerie feeling that something was hanging up on the ceiling like a crawling creative was about to lunge at you in the dark. So you sit up straight to turn the light on from the wall switch. You look around the room and rubbed your eyes to get that itchy away. It was not so scary anymore.

You see that that was when your brain plays trick on you. You thought that you were about to be attacked by a bloodthirsty spider from the ceiling but it was just a segment of your imagination.

But what if I tell you that your imagination isn’t fake. The thing that you thought you were seeing in the first place was in fact real. It’s just you don’t agree to what your subconscious was trying to inform you. You were too afraid to get rid of it. You know it’s not real. But you still want to think it wasn’t real.

As a horror writer, I constantly receive hate messages from my realistic brain that things that scare you isn’t something that can earn you income in the future. My right brain, the smart one of the two brain sides, is constantly reminding me to stay away from creative writing. It’s not sustainable and it’s not going to help me earn a living someday.

But I believe it’s not something you can let go. When you have something scary to tell your readers, it’s that desire to scare the shit of them give you the thrills and satisfactions.

After all, as you are reading this piece, do you suddenly feel an itchiness from your watery eyes? Do you feel like you want to rub your eyes? Please do. Because once you rubbed your sleepy away, you will see me standing right beside your bed tonight as the red blob from the cut my dead friend gave oozed out from my forehead. I will make you watch how the red blood glistened in my bleeding mouth as my tongue sticks out to reach for your kiss.

Your face looks tasty.

Come. Kiss me. Let me devour you.